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The appearance of individual pixels and pixel blocks in a still or video image. For example, when a still image is displayed or printed too large, the individual, square pixels are discernible to the naked eye, especially around the edges where one color or shade of gray meets another. When digital video is played, the hardware may not be fast enough to keep up with the frame's encoding rate. Since digital images are compressed in blocks of pixels, one or more blocks may not be fully decompressed in time, which results in visible pixelation. See blocking artifacts, anti-aliasing and deinterlace.

Deliberate Pixelation
Images are often pixelated on purpose for special effects. For example, pixelation can be used to transition one frame into another, as well as hide nudity and sensitive data or camouflage a person's face. See videophile and posterized.

Unwanted Pixelation
The signal from the cable company was momentarily delayed, and the TV was unable to decode the frames fast enough to render them properly.

Pixelate On Purpose
Two Photoshop filters were applied to the top image to create special effects. The Mosaic filter created the left image, while the Crystallize filter created the one on the right. See image filter.
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This figure shows that pixelation of the dipole antenna presented in this paper has negligible effects on the radiation pattern at the resonant frequency.
Unacceptable lag and pixelation have resulted from episodes of viewer instability and/or higher than normal user traffic on the UHN or LHO networks.
The second row shows the gradients after applying a pixelation filter.
Consistent with this, the results from this study revealed that clinical raters experienced technological difficulties in the motor examination items within the MDSUPDRS due to videoconference image pixelation, freezing, and disjointedness, especially if the movement performed was fast.
This is a huge advantage of shooting in 4K/UHD, allowing me to create close-ups from full body shots without worrying too much about pixelation."
To avoid buffering and pixelation, Awaan uses adaptive streaming, a process that adjusts the quality of a video delivered to a web page based on changing network conditions.
It also has some memory improvements that let your phone better process rich images on high-resolution screens, and something called multi-sample anti-aliasing, basically a fancy way of saying it smooths images and gets rid of the pixelation you can see when using VR headsets like the Gear VR.
Untitled, 2013, for example, depicts an arrangement of eight cubic objects--think Tetris--which hovers against a black ground, while Flowers, 2015, displays its titular subject distorted by pixelation. In spite of the velocity and immateriality suggested by these paintings, they are resolutely concrete things, created in a slow, considered manner: Until only recently, Glenn painted on sanded wooden panel, laying down a surface of gesso, then applying up to fifteen layers of oil paint to create a smooth, hermetic surface.
The footage was otherwise clear except for this one little spot of pixelation. Intrigued by this anomaly, the night watchman went to investigate, only to discover that the pixelation existed in the fabric of reality itself ..."
* Intelligent Digital Zoom provides enhanced quality without pixelation
An example of such a difference is the continuity of the subjective impression of a light field such as the sky in contrast to the discrete pixelation of its objective neural encoding by the individual receptors of the retina and the visual cortex.