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The appearance of individual pixels and pixel blocks in a still or video image. For example, when a still image is displayed or printed too large, the individual, square pixels are discernible to the naked eye, especially around the edges where one color or shade of gray meets another. When digital video is played, the hardware may not be fast enough to keep up with the frame's encoding rate. Since digital images are compressed in blocks of pixels, one or more blocks may not be fully decompressed in time, which results in visible pixelation. See blocking artifacts, anti-aliasing and deinterlace.

Deliberate Pixelation
Images are often pixelated on purpose for special effects. For example, pixelation can be used to transition one frame into another, as well as hide nudity and sensitive data or camouflage a person's face. See videophile and posterized.

Unwanted Pixelation
The signal from the cable company was momentarily delayed, and the TV was unable to decode the frames fast enough to render them properly.

Pixelate On Purpose
Two Photoshop filters were applied to the top image to create special effects. The Mosaic filter created the left image, while the Crystallize filter created the one on the right. See image filter.
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But we also observed that increasing the resolution cannot compensate for the huge information loss caused by pixelization.
In many cases of the security area such as CCTV, the method which distorts images is largely used through obfuscation techniques such as mosaic, blurring, pixelization, and low resolution to protect individual privacy.
Paul Klee's early pixelization, Messenger of Autumn calls attention to its own surface rather than functioning as a window on reality.
In the seemingly chaotic arrangement of the canvases overall, as well as in their precise photo-realistic rendering of blown-up grain and pixelization, Flores's mural plays on themes of visual decay.
But a sensor with few photo detectors produces a low resolution image leading to pixelization where individual pixels are seen with the naked eye.
This step reduces the effect of pixelization during the scanning process of the pork meat chops with a high intensity of specular optical reflection.
CMV gives visual movement to static property images to create videos without the typical pixelization and loss of quality of videotaped tours.
Although well illustrated with crisp and inviting lunar photographs and deepsky images, many historical photos suffer from ugly, gleaned-from-the-Internet pixelization.
We can observe a sort of pixelization of borders as they shift
He further testified to his use of colorization, texture, shadowing, reflective light and pixelization in determining whether an item is CGI versus an image of an actual person.
(Other manipulations, such as pixelization and darkening, are discussed in the empirical evidence section.) These are depicted in Fig.