Placentia Bay

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Placentia Bay,

c.100 mi (160 km) long and up to 80 mi (129 km) wide, SE Newfoundland, N.L., Canada. There are many fishing settlements and canneries along the shore. Placentia, established by the French in 1662, is the largest town on the bay.
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(13) Gaelle Dieulefet, "The Isle aux Morts Shipwreck: A Basque Ship from Saint-Jean-de-Luz in the Seventeenth Century" (in this issue).The same author states that, at the end of the seventeenth century, the San Sebastian Admiralty named 16 Basque fishing ports around Placentia Bay and four on the west coast, citing Brad Loewen and Vincent Delmas, "The Basques in the Gulf of Saint Lawrence and Adjacent Shores," Canadian Journal of Archaeology/Journal Canadien d'archeologie 36 (2012): 363.
As lack, a fisherman from the south-eastern part of the Burin Peninsula in Placentia Bay explained:
Cet article traite de la situation des femmes qui sont integrees a de nouvelles familles et de nouvelles communautes dans la region de Placentia Bay sur une periode de 50 ans (1943-1993), alors qu'elles doivent negocier leur place dans la communaute.
The Foleys had moved from their native Placentia Bay to chase work, lured by talk of the new mill towns.
Tucked away in nearby Placentia Bay is one of eastern Newfoundland's major fishing ports--Long 1 Harbour.
Brushett and Shaw reported on their groups' progress in a large GSC program that, in part, will provide high resolution records from multi-beam bathymetry, seismic imaging, and coring to help provide land-sea correlations and interpretations of the ice dynamics in the Burin, Placentia Bay, and southwestern Avalon regions of Newfoundland and its adjacent shelf.
August 9-12, 1941: Placentia Bay, Newfoundland, Canada President Roosevelt and British Prime Minister Churchill secretly met for the first time.
He owns his own small boat and works the near-coastal waters around Placentia Bay, landing fish ashore at the end of the day.
In 1969, a massive fish kill that turned Placentia Bay, Newfoundland into "a biological desert" was traced to fluoride: effluent from a plant that produced elemental phosphorus for metal: finishing and consumer goods.
Roosevelt at Placentia Bay, Newfoundland (August 9-12, 1941), and formed a strong personal, cordial relationship with him while concluding the Atlantic Charter; these ties facilitated close Anglo-American cooperation both before and after the U.S.
(1) Located in southwest Newfoundland about 13 km from Cape Ray (Figure 3), the wreck was surveyed by underwater archaeologists in 1982 as part of operations that included the port area of Great Burin Harbour in Placentia Bay, also used in the seventeenth century by Basque fishers (NMAS, 1982: 196).