plagues of Egypt

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plagues of Egypt,

in the Bible, the plagues and other troubles brought on Egypt by God through the hands of Moses, because Pharaoh would not let the people of Israel go out of Egypt. The account, in the Book of Exodus, tells how Pharaoh relented each time until the plague was removed, then hardened his heart; in the end he let the children of Israel go, only to pursue them into the Red Sea. The plagues were 10 in number: plague of blood by which the waters of Egypt were turned to blood; plague of frogs; plague of lice; plague of flies; plague of murrain, by which all the cattle of Egypt and none of the Israelites' cattle were killed; plague of boils; plague of hail; plague of locusts; plague of darkness, by which darkness covered Egypt for three days; plague of the first-born, by which all the first-born of Egypt were killed. By tradition the first Passover was observed the night of the 10th plague. After it the Israelites left Egypt.
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besought to favor the Israelities was a plague of frogs, but Pharaoh,
How was the scene with the plague of frogs, when your co-star, Golshifteh Farahani, had to wake with frogs all over her face and hair Golshifteh is a wonderful Iranian actress who had to pretend to be asleep.
William Souder's previous books include A Plague of Frogs and the Pulitzer Prize finalist Under a Wild Sky.
Both advocated gruesome debilitating diseases upon him and the general desire that a plague of frogs blot out his life out.
The court should watch out for unexplained signs, such as a clap of thunder or a plague of frogs
Sharon Osbourne would be made to dress from head-to-toe in George at Asda and Ariel Sharon would eat one too many falafels and explode like a plague of frogs over one of his settlements.
When the Pharaoh of Egypt refuses to let the Jewish slaves go, God sends a massive plague of frogs upon the land, croakng and croaking and allowing no one a moment's peace.
We was 'spectin' a plague of frogs an' Our Tony was dead scared, what with bein' the fest born.
WAR,pestilence and a plague of frogs apart,few things seem more horrendous than a class reunion, The thought of having to speak to and,even worse, socialise with people who,in the distant past, were thrown together purely by dint of birth date,academic success or an accident of geography is something worth contemplating only by those who believe self flagellation is a way of spending a day off.
The scientists are developing tools, including caffeinated sprays and scalding showers, for holding back what they see as an advancing plague of frogs.
A PLAGUE of frogs hopped into the living room of a house in Tonbridge, Kent