Plain of Jars

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Plain of Jars,

region, N Laos, at the northern end of the Annamese CordilleraAnnamese Cordillera
, Fr. Chaîne Annamitique, principal mountain range of mainland Southeast Asia, extending c.700 mi (1,130 km) from N central Laos SE to S central Vietnam; Ngoc Linh (8,524 ft/2,598 m) in Vietnam is the highest peak.
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. Over 300 carved stone jars, c.1,500 to 2,000 years old, are scattered across its landscape. Averaging 272 lbs (600 kg), the jars range from 3 to 10 ft (1–3 m) in height. Their origin and function remain mysteries. From the mid-1960s through the early 70s, the Plain of Jars was the scene of heavy fighting between the Pathet Lao and U.S.-backed troops.
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The specific area of operation (AO) stretched from the Laotian capital of Vientiane on the border of Thailand north to the historic and, strategic Plaine de Jarres (PDJ) or Plain of Jars then, northeast to the Pathet Lao capital of Sam Neua located in Sam Neua province on the DRV border.
But the costs were very high, and the bombing, while very useful in specific situations, was indiscriminate over the strategic Plain of Jars, one of the most heavily bombed sites in history.
Beginning in the capital, Vientiane, highlights include Nam Ngum Lake, the Plain of Jars and Tham Non limestone caves where there's a chance to kayak on the Nam Song river.
It is then onto Phonsavanh through an area which was heavily bombed, where bomb craters can still be seen, and is home to the mysterious Plain of Jars.
Six Hmong bases (Phou Dou, Tha Lin Noi, San Tiau, Muang Hiem, Muang Ngan, and Pha Pong) were established to the north, east and south of the Plain of Jars, with 100-man commando units positioned at each base (Muelle 1992: 59).
Even as Lao authorities lobbied to get the Plain of Jars onto UNESCOas World Heritage List, perhaps in 2015, the countryas tourism community explored the challenges inherent in the implementation of the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) in 2015.
It crashed in a forested area of Xiangkhoung province, near one of Laos' major archaeological sites, the Plain of Jars.
Heartfelt, rewarding, and at times hilarious, The Plain of Jars is a compelling novel.
Another interesting destination is the Plain of Jars, with hundreds of stone jars - some weighing as much as a few tonnes - scattered around the Phonsavan Plains, is hailed as one of Asia's most intriguing mysteries.
Plain of Jars, a mysterious megalithic site in Laos.
He disappeared over the Plain of Jars on March 26, 1970, in his O-1G Birddog reconnaissance plane.
The author disclaims a basis in specific real events but the flashback sequences set in Hong Kong and Laotian Plain of Jars carry the ring of authenticity.