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1 Uninc. city (1990 pop. 26,207), Nassau co., SE N.Y., on Long Island. It is chiefly residential. 2 City (1990 pop. 21,700), seat of Hale co., NW Tex., on the Llano Estacado; inc. 1907. The level plain, irrigated by shallow wells from a large underground water belt, yields wheat, grain sorghum, soybeans, and cotton, and cattle are raised. Plainview's industries include food processing and the production of hybrid seeds and farm equipment. Wayland Baptist Univ. and the Llano Estacado Museum are in the city.
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STARRING: Daniel Day-Lewis and Dillon Freasier (above), Paul Dano, Kevin J O'Connor, Ciaran Hinds, Mary Elizabeth Barret; DIRECTOR: Paul Thomas Anderson; CERTIFICATE: 15; RUNNING TIME: 158mins; REVIEWER'S RATING: *** SHOWING: Showcase; VERDICT: The sudden arrival of a fallen apple from the Plainview family tree beggars belief.
At 158 minutes, the savage and unremittingly bleak film is a test of the audience's mettle, offering no escape from Plainview's annihilation of anyone who threatens his ascent.
Daniel Plainview (Daniel Day-Lewis) is a former silver miner turned oil prospector who has started from lowly beginnings with a single well, and has now begun to expand his empire.
In a performance already bagging awards, Daniel Day-Lewis is oil prospector Daniel Plainview who's made a small fortune tapping wells in Texas, along the way adopting HW, the son of a pal killed in an accident.
In a terrific turn, he plays Daniel Plainview, the owner of a silver mine in 1898 New Mexico, at the very start of the American oil boom.
With "No Country for Old Men" and "There Will Be Blood" racking up nominations, the Bagger wonders what would happen in a throwdown between Anton Chigurh and Daniel Plainview. Both Javier Bardem (supporting) and Daniel Day-Lewis (lead) received nominations, but in a face-off between their characters, would the bowling pin-wielding Plainview or Chigurh, he of the lethal cattle stunner, come out on top?
"There Will Be Blood" is Oscar bait, particularly for the intense performance of Daniel Day-Lewis as Daniel Plainview, an oil wildcatter in early 20th-century California.
There is an effective, near-wordless opening, with Daniel Plainview (Daniel Day-Lewis) in a deep hole, wielding his pickax on the hard earth.
LUBBOCK, Texas - Touting a "renewed commitment to the growing Hispanic population" in its trade areas, United Supermarkets, LLC here yesterday unveiled a new store format under the banner Amigos at a converted supermarket in Plainview, Texas.
Weighing less than a pound, the new SUV-Cam digital recording system from ELMO USA of Plainview, New York, helps school bus drivers solve problems such as unruly behavior, bullying, and vandalism by capturing clear images of all students on the bus and close-ups of individuals and events from any angle.
ENERGY RESOURCE-2 November 2006-White Energy Holding Company Acquires Greenfield Ethanol Project in Plainview, Texas(C)2006 JeraOne -
Myrna Gittler of Plainview, N.Y., has won a Ford Escape Hybrid from America Recycles Day Inc.