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1. indicating or involving addition
2. on the positive part of a scale or coordinate axis
3. indicating the positive side of an electrical circuit
4. slightly above a specified standard on a particular grade or percentage
5. Botany designating the strain of fungus that can only undergo sexual reproduction with a minus strain
6. a positive quantity


A mathematical symbol; A plus B, where A and B are mathematical quantities, denotes the quantity obtained by taking their sum in an appropriate context.


Late 60's. Machine-oriented systems language used internally by Univac.



Common: ITU-T: plus; add. Rare: cross; INTERCAL: intersection.


A social networking site from Google, introduced in 2011. Although Google+ never achieved the market share of Facebook, users have ranked it favorably. In 2015, its chat, video calling and photos services were separated out (see Google Hangouts and Google Photos). In October 2018, Google announced the end of Google+ because of a data vulnerability discovered that year that exposed the data of a half million users. However, it was not known if any data were actually breached.

Friends and families are stored in Circles, which display as circular icons on screen. In order to better engineer privacy and who sees what, all posts, photos and invitations are shared by dragging them into the appropriate Circle, which remembers the last selection. Friends, Acquaintances, Family and Following (whom you follow) are the defaults, but any Circle can be created. See Google+ Ripples, Google+ Sparks and Google.
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Si, a Dieu ne plaise, il lui arrive un jour de commettre une erreur, celle-ci ne constitue en rien une faute.
Qu'elle plaise ou pas, Alger ne laisse personne indifferent et pour Maud Grubel c'est une ville o combien [beaucoup moins que]authentique[beaucoup plus grand que], pleine de [beaucoup moins que]lumiere[beaucoup plus grand que] qui degage une [beaucoup moins que]atmosphere[beaucoup plus grand que] positive mais qui, par moments, devient [beaucoup moins que]agressive[beaucoup plus grand que].
Il ne faut pas croire qu'on est a l'abri, ou que la situation financiere qui permet a certains de vivre aisement pourra a elle seule couvrir les frais de soins de sante si, ne plaise a Dieu, un serieux probleme de sante advenait subitement.
Supprimer les religions ne pourrait relever, a Dieu ne plaise, que d'une entreprise hasardeuse, voire dangereuse, totalement absurde, inconcevable et, a tout le moins, que d'une utopie la plus diaboliquement farfelue !!!
Le medecin qui est respectueux de son noble art, celui qui est responsable et qui agit comme tel face a tous ses patients, ce medecin qui agit en son ame et conscience n'est ni un delinquant, ni un criminel, et si a Dieu ne plaise, il lui arrive un jour de commettre une erreur, celle-ci ne constitue en rien une faute.