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Erosion resulting in flat surfaces, caused by meandering streams, waves, ocean currents, wind, or glaciers.
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a leveling of the earth’s surface caused by denudation and accumulation occurring simultaneously under relatively calm tectonic conditions. Planation results in a gently undulating plain—a peneplain in a humid climate and a pediplain in an arid climate.

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Both parties also killed numerous Afro-Jamaicans in unprovoked attacks as with the murders on October 11, 1865 where apparently after holding an informal trial the treaty-maroons restoring order on Leith Hall planation in the parish murdered five men four of whom were killed with bullets and the other hanged.
The relative stability of boulders and cobbles on intertidal platforms bears on models of planation and coastal recession.
In the Upper Nysa Klodzka Graben, maximum height differences between the sub-Cretaceous surface and the present uppermost planation surfaces in the summit area exceed 1200 meters (Valecka, 1988; Don, 1996; Badura and Rauch, 2014).
The country also confronts need to reduce high electric tariffs and a property bubble; lift a ban on the export of raw ores and minerals; and referee a new law that will force foreign firms to divest all but 30 percent of their planation holdings - the limit is currently 95 percent - to Indonesian owners.
-- R5: Planation surfaces and rounded interfluves (4.2%).
Ronaldo Llanera, Davao del Sur police director, said on Friday that Beron Pendong Sarnillo of Sitio Labrador in Barangay Poblacion suffered multiple gunshot wounds when he was shot at the planation of the First Davao Consolidated Joint Venture Corp.
The wedding was held at the historic Boone Hall Planation in Mount Pleasant, S.C.
Locally, the top of these lake deposits matches altitudinally with planation surfaces cut-across pre-Neogene folded formations at the margins of the basins, constituting excellent morphostratigraphic makers for identifying recent deformation structures and assessing their activity (e.g.
B, ziprasidone appeared to be efficacious; however, improvement in her medical condition, rather than ziprasidone treatment, is the most likely ex planation for the resolution of her delirium symptoms.
The major elements of the study area's relief are represented by planation surfaces, glacial and periglacial landforms.
Reviews of themes that relate to east Asia and Australia are the next set of conference papers in the volume, beginning with a paper on one hundred years of investigation on the planation surfaces in China by K.