Plane of Polarization

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plane of polarization

[′plān əv ‚pō·lə·rə′zā·shən]
Plane containing the electric vector and the direction of propagation of electromagnetic wave.
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Plane of Polarization


the plane defined by the direction of propagation of a linearly polarized electromagnetic wave and the direction of the vibrations of the electric vector of this wave. The plane of polarization of a polarizer coincides with the plane of polarization of the light waves (rays) it transmits.

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The array antenna is x-polarized, and the plane of polarization is the xoz plane.
"A tourmaline plate, cut parallel to the optic axis, absorbs, at ordinary temperatures, more of the rays which strike it normally, if the plane of polarization of these is parallel to the axis than when it is perpendicular to it.
Propagation of the plane of polarization of light corresponding to [E.sub.[parallel]] is influenced by refractive index [n.sub.[parallel]].
If one of these compounds twisted the plane of polarization clockwise, the other would twist it counterclockwise.
Spots with an "up" magnetization rotate the light's plane of polarization in one direction, while "down" spots rotate it in the opposite direction.
Sexually mature animals were examined with an imaging polarimeter capable of measuring the intensity, partial polarization (also termed "percent polarization"), and direction of linear polarization (also termed "plane of polarization," "orientation of polarization" and "e-vector orientation") at each pixel in an image (9, 10).
If an incident beam is linearly polarized with polarization direction at angle [alpha] with respect to the fast direction, its plane of polarization is thus rotated by an angle 2[alpha], making a half-waveplate an effective polarization rotator.