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AL Fashir Aug 20 (SUNA)- North Darfur State localities organized during few past days' agricultural guidance campaigns under the supervision of plant protection administration of the Ministry of Production, and Economic Resources.
Agriculture Minister Kaspars Gerhards (National Alliance) points out that food quality and safety is an important factor, especially at a time when climate change requires changes in plant protection methods.
According to an official source, the team led by DD Agriculture Plant Protection and Pest Warning Dr Amir Rasool raided a shop, owned by Haq Nawaz located in Mouza Pareki, tehsil Lalian and arrested him.
Keeping in view the current desert locust situation in the country, the plant protection depAartment in collaboration with the provincial governments, district administration and department of agriculture extension, was preparing to establish 'locust control centres' at the district level for ensuring a thorough surveillance and targeted control operations, sources in the Ministry of National Food Security and Research said.
Talking to journalists in Matiari, CM Murad said that he had directed the plant protection division to initiate measures to contain the locust outbreak in the province.
He further said that plant protection division was established by the PPP founder Zulfikar Ali Bhutto and added that at that time the division had 17 planes but currently it had only one functional plane for aerial insecticide spraying.
This came during a visit of a group of agricultural experts and engineers in the field of plant protection to the sewage treatment plant and the neighboring agricultural areas in Bani Al-Harith directorate.
In this backdrop the official stance of the Ministry of National Food Security and Research is as follows: Mango pulp is a regulatory article under Plant Quarantine Act (PAQ) 1976 and Plant Quarantine Rule (PAR) 1967 which is enforced by Department of Plant Protection (DPP) M/o NFS and R.
It was pointed out that it is necessary to urgently develop an action plan in this area, since the improper disposal of used packaging of plant protection products significantly affects the environment and directly affects the health of people, plants and animals.
There are media reports that some 300 trucks carrying 50,000MT of cotton are waiting at Torkham boarder for green signal from the Department of Plant Protection and Ministry of National Food Security and Research.
"The oranges were imported some time ago by a trader who sold a part of the consignment in Bahrain," said the directorate's plant protection and quarantine section acting chief Ali Balah.