plant louse

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plant louse:

see aphidaphid
or plant louse,
tiny, usually green, soft-bodied, pear-shaped insect injurious to vegetation. It is also called greenfly and blight. Aphids are mostly under 1-4 in. (6 mm) long.
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Life cycle variation and adaptation in jumping plant lice (Insecta: Hemiptera: Psylloidea): a global synthesis.
Environment minister Jane Davidson has given the go-ahead for the release of aphalara itadori - sometimes described as jumping plant lice - which live on the plant in its native Japan.
The Government is consulting on releasing the Japanese insect, a jumping plant lice called aphalara itadori, which is a sap-sucking natural predator for the rogue weed.
Aphids or plant lice are ubiquitous this time of year in Los Angeles rose gardens.