Plasma Membrane

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plasma membrane

[′plaz·mə ′mem‚brān]
(cell and molecular biology)
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Plasma Membrane


the membrane that surrounds the protoplasm of plant and animal cells. The plasma membrane in animal cells is an internal (obligate) component of the cell membrane.

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AQP2 has been reported to occur in the principal cells along connecting tubule and collecting duct in mammalian kidneys, where it is localized to the apical plasma membranes and intracellular membrane vesicles (Nielsen et al., 1993; Fushimi et al., 1993).
When compared to the non-diabetic rats (normal group), there was relatively more GLUT4 detected in the myocytes cytoplasm of the non-treated diabetic rats than at the plasma membrane as compared to the non-diabetic rats.
Chrysanthemum###1 kHz, 100 dB###Daily 60 min for 6 days###0.2 m###Enhanced plasma membrane H+-ATPase###(Zhao et al., 2002)
The sperm plasma membrane is the primary site of damage induced by cryopreservation, which affects the viability of sperm (Hammerstedt et al., 1990).
In yeast, the disruption of Sec18p, the yeast orthologue of mammalian Nethylmaleimide sensitive fusion protein, an essential protein for vesicular trafficking between ER, Golgi, and PM, does not inhibit the ER to PM transport [74]; two plasma membrane ABCG transporters, Aus1p and Pdr11p, stimulate cholesterol transport from PM to ER [99].
In this study, we identified proteins involved in cytoplasmic AR translocation to plasma membrane under the treatment of testosterone at physiological concentration, and the data showed VAPA plays an important role in this process.
This increase could result from incorporation of secretory vesicles possessing abundant membrane into the plasma membrane of neutrophils.
Microinjection of Akt substrate peptide or antibody specific to Akt inhibits insulin-stimulated GLUT4 translocation to the plasma membrane by 66% and 56%, respectively, in 3T3-L1 adipocytes [30].
For successful fertilization, a functionally constituted sperm plasma membrane is necessary, which is clearly dependent on the sperm maturation process (38).
Sperm motility, morphology, plasma membrane integrity, and acrosome integrity were evaluated immediately after sperm recovery.
The epithelial cells display extensive infoldings of the apical and basal plasma membranes associated with mitochondria and delicate, folded lateral membranes enclose narrow intercellular spaces.

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