Plasma Torch

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plasma torch

[′plaz·mə ‚tȯrch]
A torch in which temperatures as high as 50,000°C are achieved by injecting a plasma gas tangentially into an electric arc formed between electrodes in a chamber; the resulting vortex of hot gases emerges at very high speed through a hole in the negative electrode, to form a jet for welding, spraying of molten metal, and cutting of hard rock or hard metals.

Plasma Torch


a hand-operated arc plasmatron used in applying coatings, cutting, welding, hard facing, and other processes. Two types exist; they differ in their principle of operation, using either plasma arcs or plasma jets. For mechanized work plasma torches are attached to special mounts. When used in applying coatings and in hard facing, they are usually equipped with devices for feeding the material to be sprayed or hard faced, which is in the form of a powder or wire. Such plasma torches are called plasma heads. The power output of plasma torches may be as high as 100 kilowatts. Ar, He, N2, NH3, air, and mixtures thereof can be used as plasma-forming gases. Various methods of initiating the arc discharge are possible; for example, the gap between the torch’s cathode and anode—for a plasma jet —or between the cathode and the metal being processed—for a plasma arc—may be closed.

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Even if Taiwan shifts to a plasma torch incineration method, there will not be improvement with such careless management of nuclear waste," Sawai said.
For instance in a plasma assisted machining a plasma torch should be installed in front of the mill cutter.
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The firm is looking to move into a bigger base and move into using a plasma torch as well as water jets and lasers to cut metal precisely.
Most significant impact to the machined surface roughness have factors of feed rate of plasma torch and plasma gas pressure (Mayers et al.
The team from the Gamaleya Institute of Epidemiology and Microbiology in Moscow tested a low-temperature plasma torch against bacterial species including Pseudomonas aeruginosa and Staphylococcus aureus.
The melting chamber is installed on the column 4 which is moved by the mechanism on the column 2, and the upper part of the melting chamber contains a direct action DC plasma torch 12, fitted with the displacement mechanism 11.
After cutting eight large 2" vent holes with the plasma torch and a 1/2" hole in the bottom to drain off rainwater, we welded some angle iron legs on the tank at 120-degree increments.
The integrated reactor unit essentially consists of several components: (1) a hydrogen plasma torch to provide the high temperature fluid, (2) a downer reactor for fast heating of coal powders to release the volatile matters in the coal in milliseconds, and (3) a separator for fast quenching of the reacting stream to prevent the decomposition of acetylene into soot and hydrogen as well as the gas-solid separation.
This process consists of a plasma torch that dispels a high velocity plume of 1- to 50-[micro]m particles in a broad swath onto a substrate.
The m3 Plasma System is designed to produce high-speed, high-precision cutting and marking and high-current, thick-plate cutting all with a single plasma torch.

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