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A large, thin sheet of pulpboard, paper, or felt bonded to a hardened gypsum plaster core and used as a wall backing or as a substitute for plaster.
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A building board made of a core of gypsum or plaster, faced with two sheets of heavy paper.
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gypsum lath, board lath, gypsum plaster-board, rock lath

A base for plaster; a sheet having a gypsum core, faced with paper, which provides a good bond for plaster; usually manufactured in 16-in. by 48-in. (40.6-cm by 121.9-cm) or 24-in. by 96-in. (61.0-cm by 243.8-cm) panels, ? or ½ in. (0.95 or 1.27 cm) thick with round or square edges.
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Once you have cut out the rectangle, you can use a tape measure to check the depth of plasterboard needed to go back in - usually this will be either 9.5mm or 12.5mm for plasterboard studding, but you can double-up the thickness of boards to fill in lath and plaster studding.
[ClickPress, Mon Jan 12 2015] Plasterboards are used in the construction of interior walls and ceilings.
Still to be leading the way in waste plasterboard recycling.
Measure along your line and mark where you want the two plasterboard fixings to be installed.
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The facility will strengthen Saint-Gobain's position as an industry leader in the construction sector and world leader in plasterboard manufacture, he said.
In the first project, CERAM Research will be carrying out R&D to establish the potential use of recycled plasterboard in ceramic and metal casting moulds.
In the first project, CERAM will be conducting studies on the potential use of recycled plasterboard in ceramic and metalcasting molds.
To shape the work of the Plasterboard Program as it moves forward, WRAP took the first step towards establishing a new industry in early August when it held a meeting in London known as the Plasterboard Forum.
Delivery also includes a support package for plasterboard production development.
Inside, there is a skin of plasterboard supported by a lightweight inner steel skeleton.
Dry lining or adding sheets of insulating plasterboard is the best option for solid wall houses.