Platon Aleksandrovich Geisman

Geisman, Platon Aleksandrovich


(after 1916, Platon Aleksandrovich Geismans). Born Feb. 20 (Mar. 4), 1853; died Jan. 27, 1919, in Petrograd. Russian military historian, general of infantry (1913).

Geisman was of Belgian descent; his father was a professor of history. He graduated from the Second Konstantin Military School in 1872 and commanded a battalion of the Serbian Army in the Serbian-Montenegran-Turkish War of 1876 and in the Russo-Turkish War of 1877-78. He graduated from the General Staff Academy in 1881; from 1892 to 1907 he was a professor of military history at that academy. After 1907 he commanded a division and from 1911 to 1914 a corps. After January 1915 he was the head of the Kazan Military District. Beginning in 1918 he worked at Petrograd University and the State United Archive Fund.


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