Platt Amendment

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Platt Amendment:

see Platt, Orville HitchcockPlatt, Orville Hitchcock,
1827–1905, U.S. Senator (1879–1905), b. Washington, Litchfield co., Conn. Platt held many public offices in Connecticut before he served in the U.S. Senate.
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Platt Amendment


one-sided obligations imposed in 1901 on Cuba by the US government. The USA refused to end its occupation of Cuba, which it captured during the Spanish-American War of 1898, until Cuba incorporated into its constitution a definition of the principles by which future Cuban-American relations would be conducted. The amendment contributed to Cuba’s transformation into a virtual US colony.

The Platt Amendment, proposed by Senator O. Platt, was passed by the US Congress on Mar. 2, 1901. It restricted Cuba’s sovereignty and legitimized US interference in its internal affairs. Under the amendment, the US received the right to occupy Cuba, to have naval bases there, and to control the country’s foreign policy. In 1934 the Cuban people achieved the repeal of the amendment, but the imperialist US domination of Cuba continued until the triumph of the Cuban Revolution in 1959.


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The offensive Platt Amendment was finally removed from the Cuban Constitution in 1940 as a long-standing objective of nationalist politics.
government in 1901 implemented the Platt Amendment that limited Cuba's autonomy.
The lease, called the Platt amendment, was forced into the constitution against Cuba's will and has been resented since day one.
Just like the Platt Amendment that gave America a perpetual lock on Guantanamo Bay until 1934 when the Amendment was repealed (with an American military base left behind), nobody has had the resolve to renegotiate this deal.
The Spanish-American War gave Cuban independence, albeit with the strings of the Platt Amendment, but only exchanged colonial masters for Guam, Guantanamo, the Philippines, and Puerto Rico.
Tone does not dwell on the aftermath of the war or on the legacy of Cuban nationalism under the American Military Government or the Platt Amendment.
The Platt Amendment The Platt Amendment--passed by Congress following the Spanish-American War--governed the U.
Starting with a political chronology and Columbus's log, the appendices continue with reprints of a slave code of 1842, the Platt Amendment, parts of the 1997 manifesto entitled "The Homeland Belongs to Us All," and a list of all presidents up to Castro.
Over 200 illustrations are included, along with maps, tables, charts, chronologies and excerpts from interesting historical and legal documents such as the Slave Code of 1842, the 1901 Platt Amendment, Castro's 1953 "History Will Absolve Me" speech and the 1996 Helms-Burton Act.