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river, c.310 mi (500 km) long, formed by the confluence of the North Platte (680 mi/1,090 km long) and South Platte (430 m/690 km) rivers at North Platte, Neb. It flows generally E across S Nebraska to join the Missouri River at Plattsmouth, Neb. The river is too flood-prone in spring and too shallow and braided the rest of the year for navigation. Much of its water and the water of its tributaries is diverted for irrigation, municipal uses, and hydroelectric power production. Large congregrations of sandhill cranes rest along the river in central S Nebraska during their migration. The Platte valley was an important route to the West in the 19th cent.; the Mormon Trail followed the north bank, and the Oregon Trail followed the south bank.



a river in the USA, a right tributary of the Missouri. Formed by the confluence of the North Platte and South Platte rivers, it originates on the Front Range of the Rocky Mountains. The river measures 510 km from the confluence of its sources and 1,415 km from the source of the North Platte; it drains an area of 241,000 sq km. There is high water in spring from melting snow, and a low water period in summer. The mean annual flow rate at the mouth is 150 cu m per sec. The river is used for irrigation. On the North Platte are the large Seminoe and Pathfinder reservoirs as well as hydroelectric power stations; the city of Denver is situated on the South Platte.


A resistant knob of rock in a glacial valley or rising in the midst of an existing glacier, often causing a glacier to split near its snout.


a river system of the central US, formed by the confluence of the North Platte and South Platte at North Platte, Nebraska: flows generally east to the Missouri River. Length: 499 km (310 miles)
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Bartlit Beck Herman Palenchar & Scott LLP served as legal counsel to Platte River, and Bank of America Merrill Lynch served as the exclusive financial advisor to PRV Aerospace during the sale.
Gilbert and Platte started their journey in the midst of the Vietnam War, early in their careers as educators in Michigan.
Hubert (1988, 2010) reported collection of this species from two reservoirs in the South Platte River drainage in Laramie County, Wyoming.
Kissimmee Law Enforcement Officials tracked Eman to a local bus station where she boarded a bus for Omaha, Nebraska, and requested a ticket to North Platte.
What began as the Platte River Management Joint Study evolved into an agreement among the governors of Colorado, Nebraska, and Wyoming, and the Department of the Interior for the management of endangered species habitats along the central Platte River in Nebraska.
At Platte Canyon High School, students recalled a ``chaotic scene'' after they heard the words ``code white'' from classroom intercoms, according to published reports.
According to US Bioenergy, Platte Valley is expected to double its ethanol production by the end of 2006.
When you stop, all you hear is the wind," said Platte River Valley Bird Observatory executive director Heidi Hughes.
The Bozeman Trail was a route from the Platte River Road to the goldfields of Montana; its experience through the eyes of seven different people, ranging from a new bride traveling with her husband to a prospector in search of wealth to a Civil War veteran, is all recounted in the travellers' own words.
This opens the flood gates for other load-bearing automotive parts," states Paul Platte, Bayer Polymers' director of automotive marketing and industry innovation.
I had gone to the Denver Federal Court for the sentencing of Carol Gilbert, Ardeth Platte, and Jackie Hudson--the three Plowshares sisters convicted of sabotage for their symbolic nonviolent resistance at a missile site in Colorado.
Now farmers in Colorado are fighting other farmers, and their urban allies, over continued pumping of wells that are draining water supplies from the South Platte River, northeast of Denver.