a city in Stuĉka Raion, Latvian SSR, situated on the right bank of the Daugava River (Zapadnaia Dvina). It is a railroad junction with lines to Riga, Daugavpils, and Gulbene. The city manufactures ready-made garments and has a limestone quarry.

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The uppermost part of the Devonian sequence in southern Estonia and northern Latvia is composed of carbonate rocks representing mainly the Plavinas Regional Stage (RS), exposed as a narrow belt extending from West Latvia to the southern bank of Lake Pskov (Fig.
The present study is focused on dolomitization processes of the Plavinas RS, providing novel data on the isotopic composition and cathodoluminescence properties.
The three largest HPPs are located in Kegums, Riga and Plavinas, spanning the Daugava river; Plavinas is the largest hydropower plant in the Baltic states in terms of production capacity.
The Amata Formation is overlain by the dolomitic complex of the Upper Devonian Plavinas Formation; (Kleesment 1995; Kajak 1997; Kleesment & Mark-Kurik 1997).
The Gauja Formation is covered by the up to 20 m thick sandy Amata Formation, followed by carbonate deposits of the Plavinas Stage (Fig.
The upgrading of the two plants at Plavinas and Kegums, with a total capacity of 1,100 megawatts, will improve their overall operational capacity, extend their lifetime and reduce their maintenance and repair costs.
Contract notice: Plavinas hpp-voltage relative deformation and filtration models.
Contract notice: Plavinas hpp and riga hpp generator circuit breakers restoration repair.
Siliciclastic rocks predominate in the Devonian sequence, except in the lower Middle Devonian (Narva RS) and Upper Devonian (interval from the Plavinas RS to the Daugava RS), which consist largely of carbonate and carbonate-terrigenous rocks.
Polygnathus pennatus Hinde) have been identified in the Baltic area at the base of the Plavinas RS (Valiukevicius 1995, 2000, p.
Contract award: plavinas hpp hydro units an6, an9 and an10 turbine controller replacement.