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a city in Stuĉka Raion, Latvian SSR, situated on the right bank of the Daugava River (Zapadnaia Dvina). It is a railroad junction with lines to Riga, Daugavpils, and Gulbene. The city manufactures ready-made garments and has a limestone quarry.

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At least four versions of the position of the Middle and Upper Devonian boundary in the geological section of the MDF have been proposed: between the Burtnieki and Gauja RSs; between the Gauja and Amata RSs; within the Amata RS, at the base of the Podsnetogorskie Beds; and at the base of the Snetnaya Gora Beds of the Plavinas RS (for detailed discussion see Esin et al.
The exhibition includes Krollis' popular mid-1960s cycles of linocuts "My Riga" and "Drivers of the Plavinas HEPP" in which the interpretation of the city's history, inter-generation relationships and the subject of work reach an outstanding level of generalisation and heroism.
Maintenance repair is not planned for winter operating conditions, but the running maintenance repair is possible for the units that are not switched off and are not included into secondary and tertiary regulating reserves: in Lithuanian PS the unit G8 at Lithuanian power plant (thermal power plant, G1-G8 are thermal units, G9 is gas turbine unit), unit G1--Kruonis PPSP, in Latvian PS--units G1, G2 and G3, unit G5 at Plavinas HPP, while there are no such units in Estonian PS and Kaliningrad PS in 2016 and 2020.
The Amata Formation is overlain by the dolomitic complex of the Upper Devonian Plavinas Formation; (Kleesment 1995; Kajak 1997; Kleesment & Mark-Kurik 1997).
The upgrading of the two plants at Plavinas and Kegums, with a total capacity of 1,100 megawatts, will improve their overall operational capacity, extend their lifetime and reduce their maintenance and repair costs.
Three positions of the boundary between the Middle and Upper Devonian in the Main Devonian Field have been proposed: at the base of the Amata RS, in the Amata RS at the base of the Podsnetogorskie Regional Beds (RB) and at the base of the Snetnaya Gora RB of the Plavinas RS (Ivanov & Lebedev 2011).
In 2016, ASF was found in 1,146 wild boars in 245 counties and 77 regions, as well as in three towns in Latvia --Rezekne, Plavinas and Jurmala.
The three largest HPPs are located in Kegums, Riga and Plavinas, spanning the Daugava river; Plavinas is the largest hydropower plant in the Baltic states in terms of production capacity.