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(IBM) A room where programmers work.

Compare salt mines.



a portable enclosure for children beginning to walk.

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is hoping to have the Play Pen Tent Cover in full production and available to the public within the very near future.
Hendrix the young hand-reared kitten is now growing fast and enjoys his days in his play pen in the office.
The only problem now is that I can't leave him alone so have had to buy a play pen so he doesn't get into any mischief.
Mona Hatoum's Incommunicado is a cot made of metal and wire, more a prison than a baby's bed, and Robert Gober's Tilted Play Pen is similarly unsuitable.
For a while Flintoff, a former England captain and the destroyer in chief of the Australia batting line-up during the 2005 Ashes series, went unnoticed as he watched Holly and Corey have fun in the children's play pen.
He cried when he was put in a play pen because he couldn't see anything," says Debbie.
But realize that when you get angry, as everyone does, you should put your child in a safe place, like his crib or a play pen, and walk away for a few minutes.
It's not a play pen - play pens feel and look like cages.
Supply and filling of sand in play pen area at University of Hyderabad Campus School
the So Rachel grabbed them and put them in the play pen while we got dressed.
They would also need a run or play pen for the guinea pigs to use.
But on Saturday the miraculous Davie Weir strode into the middle of Fir Park's play pen and stopped Jim Gannon's tearaways from flushing Rangers' slender SPL lead down the pan.