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Combined pleurisy and pneumonia.
(veterinary medicine)
An infectious disease of cattle producing pleural and lung inflammation, caused by Mycoplasma species.



a disease in which lesions of a lobe or of several segments of a lung are accompanied by involvement of the pleura in the inflammatory process.

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From the perspective of the interest of tropical communities, including Ethiopia, biotechnology can be the new frontier in the pursuit for better diagnosis, treatment and prevention of tropical infectious diseases of humans and animals that defied conventional methods, like malaria, Leishmaniasis, sleeping sickness, tuberculosis, contagious bovine and caprine pleuropneumonia, foot-and-mouth disease, and rinderpest.
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All forms of tularemia can progress to pleuropneumonia, meningitis, sepsis, shock, and death.
Pleuropneumonia results from incomplete or improper treatment of a previous lung disease.
Formerly known as Hemophilus pleuropneumonia, Actinobacillus pleuropneumonia is widespread and of particular concern in intensive pig units.
After the 1903 drought, cattle diseases such as pleuropneumonia and rinderpest followed behind a disguised increase in tax rates for rural Africans.
This idea is particularly important when treating a pathogen such as Actinobacillus pleuropneumonia.