Plevako, Fedor Nikiforovich

Plevako, Fedor Nikiforovich


Born Apr. 13 (25), 1842, in Troitsk, Orenburg Province; died Dec. 23, 1908 (Jan. 5, 1909), in Moscow. Russian jurist, advocate, and legal orator.

In 1870, Plevako graduated from the law faculty of Moscow University. He took part in major political and criminal cases, including the case of the Liutorich peasants (1880), the case of the Sevsk peasants (1905), the case of the workers’ strike at the S. Morozov factory (1886), and the case of the workers of the Konshin Manufactory (1897). Plevako was a deputy to the Third State Duma, where he represented the Octobrists.


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