Pleven District

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Pleven District


an administrative and territorial unit in northern Bulgaria, on the central Danubian plain. Area, 4,200 sq km. Population, 350,000 (1973). The administrative center is Pleven. The district’s economy is industrial and agrarian; 60 percent of its industry is concentrated in Pleven. Among the leading branches of industry are the food and condiments industry and machine building. The former is represented by meatpacking, flour milling, fruit canning, sugar refining, and wine-making; the latter, by the construction of forging and pressing machines and foundry equipment, hydroturbines, electric transport vehicles, and instruments. Petroleum refining and petrochemistry are new industries that are developing near Pleven. An agreement has been concluded with Rumania concerning the construction of the Nikopol-Turnu Mǎgurele hydroelectric power system on the Danube.

More than two-thirds of the Pleven District is under cultivation, and one-fourth of the cultivated land is irrigated. In agriculture, the growing of grain and the raising of livestock are combined with the growing of industrial crops (sugar beets, sunflowers), vegetables (especially tomatoes), melons and gourds, and grapes. The district leads Bulgaria in the harvest of melons, gourds, and grapes. Wheat and corn account for two-thirds of the crops sown. There are approximately 400,000 head of sheep, 65,000 head of cattle, 188,000 swine, and 3 million fowl in the Pleven District.


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The farmers affected by the hail storm in the village of Balgarene, Pleven district, will be compensated in accordance with the damage assessment, Bulgariaas Minister of Agriculture, Rumen Porozhanov said on May 7 after he examined the damaged crops.
"Perhaps the most unpleasant surprise" came in August, when brucellosis in sheep and goats has been found in one town and five villages in Kyustendil district in southwest Bulgaria, and in a village in Pleven district in central north Bulgaria, leading to the infection of 40 people, Likov said.
A 40-year-old Bulgarian man who allegedly filmed sex acts with boys was remanded in custody by Pleven District Court after being arrested on August 26.
Given Bulgaria's dependence on outside supplies of oil and gas, the Sofia authorities regarded as an important development the discovery of a petroleum field in the Pleven District in the year under review.
In the Shumen region, 70% of the municipalities are successfully involved in the initiative, while in the Pleven district - 64% of the local authorities.
Approximately 4 million euro will be invested in rehabilitation of about 10 km from the third-class road Gulyantsi - Dolna Mitropolia on the territory of Pleven district. The second project is for nearly 3 million euro and envisages the modernization of a 7.7-km stretch of road II-81 Kostinbrod-Berkovitsa-Montana, which will provide access of Berkovitsa to transport corridor IV.
They are on the territory of the Municipality of Nikopol, Pleven District.