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see PlevenPleven
or Plevna
, city (1993 pop. 130,354), N Bulgaria. A commercial center for a fertile agricultural region, it has food-processing industries and manufactures cotton textiles, cement, and wood and rubber goods.
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, Bulgaria.
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, Plevna
a town in N Bulgaria: taken by Russia from the Turks in 1877 after a siege of 143 days. Pop.: 102 000 (2005 est.)
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Firstly, in order to exercise mnemotechnic: secondly, because after an interval of amnesia, when, seated at the central table, about to consult the work in question, he remembered by mnemotechnic the name of the military engagement, Plevna.
The Queen was in accord with her prime minister, five times threatening to abdicate between April 1877 and January 1878 if aggressive measures were not taken, urging 'the importance of the tsar knowing that we will not let him have Constantinople!' News of the fall of Plevna, on the Danube, to Russia after a six-month campaign reached London on December 11th; three days later the Queen visited the prime minister at his private residence, something that she had not done since 1843.
Salahuddin Bhatti, Independent Internationals, 5 Plevna Road, Preston, Lancs PR1 5PN.
The crisis came in December when Turkish resistance collapsed at Plevna. Then, fuelled by reports of 'jingoistic' (7) excitement in London, the tension grew with news that a British fleet had forced the Dardanelles in February 1878 to prevent the fall of Constantinople, and of British mobilisation which followed in March.
Rabbi Djaen, born in Pleven (Plevna), Bulgaria in 1883, came to Buenos Aires in 1928 from Monastir (now Bitolij, Macedonia) and assumed the chief rabbinate of the Sephardic community of Bucharest in 1931, where he remained through World War II.
Principal battles: Plevna III (Pleven) (1877); Senova (1878); Liaoyang, the Sha Ho (near Shenyang) (1904); Sandepu (San-Shih-Li-Pu near Xijang), Mukden (Shenyang) (1905).
Two pairs of semi-detached houses known as Plevna Villas on Cyprus Avenue - the street immortalised by Van Morrison - erected following the industrial expansion of the Belfast and County Down Railway, were re-designated., 0800 083 4000 Malta from PS165pp: Make time for seven nights in Sliema, staying B&B at three-star Plevna Hotel.
Plevna House, on the outskirts of West Woodburn, is for sale through
Experience from Plevna to Mukden suggested that European-style armies could still mount successful large-scale tactical offensives.
the Siege of Plevna, The Storming of Kars and Te-Kooti's Raids.