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see polyacrylicspolyacrylics
, group of thermoplastics that are transparent and highly decorative (see plastic). The polyacrylics, or acrylic plastics, are polymers (and copolymers) of derivatives of acrylic acid, H2C=CH-COOH.
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Used for windows and lighting fixtures.


A tough, light, flexible thermoplastic used in the form of sheeting and film for packaging, damp-proofing, and as a vapor barrier.


A hard, tough, stable thermoplastic that is easily colored, molded, expanded, or rolled into sheeting.


Any of various tough, flexible plastics made from polyvinyl resin.


The proprietary name for a transparent weather-resistant acrylic sheet.
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Depending on the type and design, new colorless PLEXIGLAS has a light transmission of up to 92%, which decreases by only 28% even after 30 years.
A search of the Aircraft Spruce website uncovered six Plexiglas rain repellent products that were also advertised as windshield cleaners.
Caption: Pellets burrow through millimeter-thick Plexiglas plates.
Ryan found that leather work gloves were adequate protection from the hot Plexiglas, yet were flexible enough that the students still had some dexterity.
A 1-inch gutter between the indoor and outdoor pool would hold the Plexiglas in place and seal the two pools off from one another.
The "As-If-Ism" installation was introduced to viewers on a wall covered with Plexiglas printed with a black bold face explanation.
The DIN abrader itself measures 76 cm long by 38 cm deep and 38 cm high (30" x 15" x 15") and is constructed of steel and anodized aluminum with a plexiglas cover, allowing its operation to be visible.
Two specialized Plexiglas acrylic resins for lighting applications were recently introduced by the Atoglas Division of Elf Atochem North America, Inc.
He has constructed a series of colorful Plexiglas panels of improbable kisses.
The greenhouses were made of Plexiglas, says researcher Marilyn Walker.
Resistant to weathering, colorfast and easy to clean: surface upgrading with PLEXIGLAS molding compound protects the new GEALAN-KUBUS window and balcony door system against all kinds of weather, and enables modern building design.