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a city in SE central Romania: centre of the Romanian petroleum industry. Pop.: 204 000 (2005 est.)
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The heroic efforts were not enough to disable the Ploesti refineries for long.
15) In December 1941, The RAF commander in the Middle East, Air Marshal Arthur Tedder sent word to FDR, via William Bullitt, that "the German failure to get through to the oil wells of the Caucasus has made the oil wells of the Ploesti region in Rumania vital to Germany" and that "three squadrons of Liberators based in Cairo could destroy this oil field in an attack to be sustained over a period of two months.
In addition, the crews practiced over the Libyan desert, flying low and dropping practice bombs on a dummy complex built to resemble that at Ploesti.
You're the airmen who went through everything to get to Ploesti, you're the airmen who've got a great legacy.
The Allied powers were unified against Nazi Germany, but they also had their own agendas, all of which contributed to the climate that led to the raid on Ploesti.
We are confident that from this industrial base near Ploesti we will be very successful in expanding our product range and market penetration.
I thought the bomber might have been a B-24 that crashed after the Ploesti oilfield raid in August 1943.
We've been actively working in partnership with Eures (European Employment Services) to deliver successful recruitment events across Europe, including in Gdansk, Ploesti, Bucharest, Poznan, Warsaw, Krakow, Malta and Slovakia, since 2004.
Johnson, CONAC commander and Medal of Honor recipient for valor in the Ploesti Raid, decided that the location of a records center should be in the interior of the country.
The right-side slide engraving includes "North Atlantic, Tunisia, Sicily, Ploesti, Salerno, Anzio, Normandy, Bastogne, Remagen, Berlin.
Those participating in the Ploesti (PLOH'-est-ee) Raid reunion at the National Museum of the U.
He says: "I just wish I had stayed another season because I would have loved to be part of the European Cup-Winners' Cup campaign the following season when Wrexham lost 1-0 on aggregate to (Romania's) Petrolul Ploesti.