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a city in SE central Romania: centre of the Romanian petroleum industry. Pop.: 204 000 (2005 est.)
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In addition, the crews practiced over the Libyan desert, flying low and dropping practice bombs on a dummy complex built to resemble that at Ploesti. Complete rehearsals were flown on July 28 and 29, and on both days the mission went flawlessly, "completely destroying" the dummy site.
You're the airmen who went through everything to get to Ploesti, you're the airmen who've got a great legacy.
The Allied powers were unified against Nazi Germany, but they also had their own agendas, all of which contributed to the climate that led to the raid on Ploesti.
Johnson, CONAC commander and Medal of Honor recipient for valor in the Ploesti Raid, decided that the location of a records center should be in the interior of the country.
The left-side slide is engraved with "World War II Commemorative" and "European Theater of Operations." The right-side slide engraving includes "North Atlantic, Tunisia, Sicily, Ploesti, Salerno, Anzio, Normandy, Bastogne, Remagen, Berlin." A nickel .45 ACP magazine is included, and the rampant Colt symbol with address is shown above the triggerguard.
Those participating in the Ploesti (PLOH'-est-ee) Raid reunion at the National Museum of the U.S.
He says: "I just wish I had stayed another season because I would have loved to be part of the European Cup-Winners' Cup campaign the following season when Wrexham lost 1-0 on aggregate to (Romania's) Petrolul Ploesti.
His study begins with theory and doctrine during the interwar period and proceeds with chapters on "learning with the British" (June to November 1942), TORCH and Twelfth Air Force (June to November 1942), the Tunisian campaign, the Sicilian campaign, and Ploesti and Salerno (August to September 1943).
Ray had just joined his squadron as it was dispatched to carry out another strategic bombing mission - Operation Tidal Wave which was aimed at denying the German forces access to its oil reserves in Ploesti, Romania.
He flew in the B-24 Liberator in combat missions that supported Operation Tidal Wave, which focused on nine oil refineries around Ploesti, Romania to deny petroleum-based fuel to the Axis powers.
Joe participated in the Air Offensive Europe, Rome-Arno, Southern France and the infamous Ploesti, Romania, probably the most dreaded target in the Mediterranean theater where he was wounded over Yugoslavia on his last mission.
LUKOIL has a strong presence in the south and southeast Europe with refineries in Bulgaria (Burgas), Romania (Ploesti) and Italy (ISAB Priolo).