Plovdiv District

Plovdiv District


an administrative and territorial unit in southern Bulgaria. Area, 5,500 sq km. Population, 661,000 (1970). The administrative center is the city of Plovdiv.

The economy of Plovdiv District is industrial and agrarian, and the district accounts for 10 percent of Bulgaria’s industrial production. Its main economic nucleus is the Upper Thracian (or Maritsa) Lowland, where 75 percent of the district’s industry is concentrated, primarily in the city of Plovdiv. The chief branches of industry are machine building, which is concentrated in Plovdiv, Karlovo, and Asenovgrad, and food processing, which is concentrated in Plovdiv, Novi Krichim, and Asenovgrad. The district is important to Bulgaria’s industrial economy as a manufacturer of electric cars, tractors, electric motors, typewriters, and woodworking machines. It is an important producer of canned fruits and vegetables, tobacco products, and wines. Other leading industries include the smelting of zinc and lead, the production of pulp and paper, and the manufacture of chemicals. Light industry is represented by the production of footwear, silk fabrics, and clothing.

Crop production predominates in agriculture. The Plovdiv District is second in the country in gross agricultural output. One-half of its territory is cultivated, and two-thirds of the cultivated area is irrigated. More than 60 percent of the sown area is under grains, including wheat, corn, barley, and rice; approximately 10 percent under industrial crops, primarily tobacco; 8 percent under vegetables; and 19 percent under feed crops. Orchards, vineyards, and essential-oil crops occupy 15 percent of the cultivated area. Plovdiv District is one of Bulgaria’s leading producers of tomatoes, peppers, plums, and essential-oil plants (roses, mint, lavender). It is the largest producer of apples and the second largest producer of grapes. The district supplies a significant amount of Bulgaria’s exports in canned fruits and vegetables, tobacco products, apples, grapes, peppers, and tomatoes. Livestock totals 150,000 sheep, 100,000 swine, and 86,000 head of cattle.

Among the district’s balneological health resorts are Khisaria and Bania.


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Plovdiv District Prosecutor Office Spokesman Galina Andreeva did not name the attacker, and said that he would be charged with damaging historical and cultural property as well as fuel theft.
Court action launched in the Plovdiv district court by Saxe-Coburg and his sister in 2007 to get ownership and possession of the former Krichim royal residence ended in a 2010 decision rejecting the application.
The lack of Plovdiv District in the profiled areas is due to the diversity of the economy in the area, which combines a strong industry and services that we have already seen are inevitably leading in the areas of the largest cities.
Most projects are in the Plovdiv District, followed by the Black Sea Coast - Kavarna, Nessebar and Burgas.
Dimitar Atanasov, Chair of the Podkrepa Labor Confederation at the plant, explained in a Monday interview for the Bulgarian National Radio that he had received a letter from the Plovdiv District Prosecutoras Office on Saturday stating that teams of specialists would enter the site and start cleaning it up on May 25.
Some 50 illegally built structures in the Plovdiv district of Stolipinovo are to be demolished by 5 pm on Friday .
The crash occurred at a manned level crossing in the region of the Dolna Mahala village, Plovdiv district, according to reports of the Focus news agency.