Plug-and-Socket Connector

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Plug-and-Socket Connector


an electromechanical device used for the quick connection and disconnection of electric circuits in, usually, a deenergized state. It consists of a matched plug that may have cylindrical or knife-type contacts and a receptacle that accommodates pin jacks. The contacts and receptacle are held in insulators that are enclosed in a housing, which often serves as a screen. Other devices may also be on the housing, for example, a mounting flange, a key to ensure that the connections are unique, a locking device, and cable clamps.

Plug-and-socket connectors are divided into various types according to their purpose. These types include connectors for printed wiring assembly, intermachine connectors for the connection of electrical machines, ground-power connectors for airfields, interunit connectors, unit connectors, cable connectors, double-ended connectors, and special types such as hermetically-sealed connectors. The basic characteristics determining the purpose and field of application of a plug-and-socket connector are the permissible currents and voltages, the contact pressure, the contact resistance, the dielectric strength, the resistance of the intercontact insulation, the operating frequency range, the overall dimensions, and the permissible climatic and mechanical service conditions. The use of a large number of plug-and-socket connectors in electrical and electronic apparatus reduces the operational reliability of the apparatus. The fundamental problem, therefore, in the design and production of electric connectors is the improvement of reliability.


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* Designed to solve packaging issues in the broad industrial and solid-state lighting markets, the IDC plug-and-socket connectors carry up to 5 A per contact.