Plunger Pump

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plunger pump

[′plən·jər ‚pəmp]
(mechanical engineering)
A reciprocating pump where the packing is on the stationary casing instead of the moving piston.

Plunger Pump


(also ram pump), a positive-displacement simple lift pump with an actuating member in the form of a plunger. Plunger pumps are used mostly for the metered transfer of liquids under high pressure.

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Plunger pumps are especially suitable for handling sludge.
Along with the overshoot issue, clutches will bum out just before setpoint is reached, as the operator feathers the clutch to control the speed of the plunger pump. Then, guess what?
The advantage of the Cat Pumps' 3841 triplex positive displacement plunger pump lies in its high efficiency, high pressure capability, and constant volumetric flow rate irrespective of pressure.
NAPWO also offers a cold water gas belt drive power washer with a Honda GX390, General Pump TS1511 triplex plunger pump, aluminum belt drive frame with a 4.0 GPM maximum for $1599.00 and free shipping.
A CAT PUMPS high pressure triplex plunger pump delivers 3,500 psi @ 5.5 gpm for superior soil penetration.
The engine drives, through a belt-drive arrangement, a Triplex plunger pump rated 7 gpm.
The Model 2510 Plunger Pump is rated at 20 GPM, 2000 PSI.
Then a plunger pump draws down the remaining solids in the tank to a second low-level float switch.
Tenders are invited for For supply, commissioning & testing of motor driven reciprocating plunger pump (water/effluent water injection application) for surface team, agartala
A high-performance centrifugal pump combines with a versatile plunger pump to reduce pressure-up and fill time.
The pulsating action is the same as for the piston or plunger pump, but significantly the pump does not contain packed seals.