Plymouth Rock chicken

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Plymouth Rock chicken,

one of the most popular early breeds of poultry. The Barred Plymouth Rock was a favorite farm chicken since it was both a good egg producer and also developed a large quantity of meat. As the demand for white eggs increased, the breed lost popularity. It is still retained for breeding purposes, a popular cross being that of a Barred Plymouth Rock female and a Rhode Island RedRhode Island Red chicken,
American breed of poultry, no longer raised commercially, but still maintained for use in breeding programs. See Red Rock chicken.
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 male. See Red Rock chickenRed Rock chicken,
the only chicken still popular to any large extent in the United States today for both meat and eggs. It resulted from a cross between a Rhode Island Red male and a Plymouth Rock female.
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3) Pigeon, a Barred Plymouth Rock chicken, pecks at the ground outside its backyard coop.
An excellent producer of both meat and eggs, the Barred Plymouth Rock chicken gained popularity rapidly after breeders first developed it in the 19th century.
The heritage of the Barred Plymouth Rock chicken lies in the American Dominique breed.
Regardless of its ancestry, four years later, a Plymouth Rock chicken was on display at a poultry exhibition in Worcester, Mass.
But some birds in a 50-generation family of White Plymouth Rock chickens at Virginia Tech broke that rule.
Caption: Roosters sometimes hand down mitochondria to their chicks, DNA analysis of White Plymouth Rock chickens reveals.

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