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, Latin Padus, longest river of Italy, c.405 mi (650 km) long, rising in the Cottian Alps of Piedmont, NW Italy. It winds generally east in a wide valley, past Turin, Pavia, Piacenza, Cremona, and Ferrara, to enter the Adriatic Sea through several mouths.
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, river.



a genus of low trees and, rarely, shrubs of the family Rosaceae. The simple, alternate leaves have early-falling stipules. The white flowers are gathered into racemes. The fruit is a drupe.

There are about 15 species (according to other data, as many as 27), distributed in Eurasia and North America. The USSR has four native species and several others under cultivation. The bird cherry or cluster cherry (P. avium, formerly P. racemosa), a tree reaching 17 m in height and 40 cm in diameter, is found in the European USSR, Western Siberia, the Caucasus, and certain regions of Middle Asia. The tree grows mainly on rich soils, often in river forests. It is cultivated in orchards and parks. The flowers have a strong fragrance; the plant is a good nectar-bearer. The fruits are used as food and for coloring alcoholic beverages. Teas or infusions made from the fruits are used as binding agents to treat diarrhea. The bark yields dye, and the close-grained wood is used in the production of various articles. The closely related P. asiatica grows in Eastern Siberia and the Far East. P. ssiori and P. maackii grow in the Far East; the latter was used by I. V. Michurin to develop Cerapadus. The American chokecherry (P. virginiana)and wild black cherry (P. serotina)are commonly cultivated.

The genus Padus is closely related to the genus Cerasus and somewhat related to the genera Laurocerasus, Prunus, and Amygdalus. The five genera are often united in the single genus Prunus.

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The third of a rough trilogy of books set in the Po River Valley (including Narratori dellepianure and Quattro novelle sulle apparenze), Verso la foce is a departure from formal literary narrative structures, bringing together moments of perception, observation, and reflection with the very process of writing.
The 10th Mountain was the first unit to cross the Po River, making the crossing under fire in 50 light canvas assault boats.
In late spring 2008, a forestry worker at a natural park west of Milano in the Po River Valley was treated for cutaneous mycosis on the basis of an erythematous rash on an arm.
In the Gansu province of north-west China, the Po River separates the humble village of Maosi into two parts.
Torino--which lies between the Po River and the western Alps in the Piedmont region--is a hidden gem among Italian cities, but its low profile may change once Olympic spectators catch glimpses of this architecturally grand city.
This sculpture--shown in December 2004 at the Art Basel Miami Beach fair in the Franco Noero stall, and located in the "Statements" section--was accompanied by six framed photographs depicting the artist taking the table on a journey down the Po River in northern Italy.
strategically important Po River Valley in Northern Italy.
He had the good fortune to turn this fascination into a vocation, and has subsequently worked in many estuarine and coastal environments, including the Amazon outflow, the Po River outflow in Italy, the fjords and estuaries of the Pacific Northwest, the tidal channels of New England and Singapore, the Hudson River, the Eel River plume in northern California, and the western Gulf of Maine.
Riva's selection identifies geography and a sense of space--be it Celati's road along the Po river valley, Ortese's memory of a nightmarish terrace, Ramondino's sunlit piazza, or Tondelli's small town in Emilia--as defining features of contemporary Italian literature.
old meets new in the 19th-century Valentino Castle by the Po river and under the shade of miles of elegant arcades; ITALIAN CITY OF CULTURE.
Peter Deilmann, owner and operator of both ocean and river cruise vessels, is building his ninth European river ship, which will sail in Italy on the Po River from Venice beginning in April.
The study was conducted in four areas characterized by different economic backgrounds and urbanization levels: the Po River Delta (a rural area in North Italy), Pisa (a historic, middle-sized town in Tuscany, Central Italy), Viterbo (a small town including the nearby rural area in Lazio, Central Italy), and the metropolitan area of Rome (Central Italy).