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(Power Over Ethernet) Distributing power over an Ethernet cable (at least Cat 5) to a target device that is not plugged into an AC wall outlet. PoE enables remote network devices such as ceiling-mounted access points and surveillance cameras to be installed far away from AC power sources. PoE also eliminates the bulky AC adapter for each device (see wall wart). In addition, PoE can be used as an electrical source for the most efficient LED lighting (see PoE lighting).

PoE sends electrical power over unused wires in eight-wire cables and over signal wires in four-wire cables. PoE networks are created with a PoE-based Ethernet switch, but PoE can also be added to a non-PoE switch. In addition, regular Ethernet devices can be used in a PoE network (see illustrations below). See Ethernet, IP phone, PoC and network camera.

        IEEE               MaximumType     Standard           DC Watts

 PoE      802.3af-2003       15.4

 PoE+     802.3at-2009       25.5

          Linear TechnologyProprietary

 LTPoE++  Four power levels  38.7, 52.7
                             70.0, 90.0

PoE Injector (Bottom Two Images)
Because so many regular non-PoE Ethernet switches are already in place, PoE injectors are commonly used to install a PoE access point.

PoE Injector (Bottom Two Images)
Because so many regular non-PoE Ethernet switches are already in place, PoE injectors are commonly used to install a PoE access point.
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3at or PoE Plus will fuel the need for PSE switches that deliver more power per port.
Industry's first integrated power device jack combining PoE plus power device controller and bridge rectifiers with gigabit magnetics in a drop-in single port connector solution, the new PDJack connector supports functions of all PoE PSE type as required for IEEE802.
The full PoE Plus support combined with a wide operating temperature range, advanced power scheduling features, and easy setup and management capabilities provide a truly flexible platform for integrating PoE devices in traffic cabinets and industrial settings.
Manufacturer of industrial device connectivity products Comtrol Corporation revealed on Tuesday the release of its RocketLinx ES7510 Industrial Managed PoE Plus switch.
3at PoE Plus and two Gigabit uplink ports in an extended temperature fully managed switch," says David Boldt, Director of Product Management at Comtrol, "This creates flexibility for integrators by merging the power support for the latest PoE devices with complete management, security and power control in a highly reliable, industrial package.
A[degrees] 1 A[degrees] 12 port Gigabit Switch with POE plus Gigabit
MINNEAPOLIS -- Comtrol Corporation, a leading manufacturer of industrial device connectivity products, today introduced the RocketLinx[TM] ES7528, a rack mount high port density PoE Plus switch.
The RocketLinx[TM] ES7506 Industrial Managed PoE Plus Switch Gives IP Surveillance and Wireless Access Device Users More Power and Control
com)-- Comtrol Europe today introduced its new managed PoE Plus switch as the latest addition to the RocketLinx family of industrial switches.
PoE Plus can greatly increase the number and range of devices able to receive power over standard Ethernet lines.
The main application for PoE Plus today is pan/tilt/zoom IP video cameras, but as part of a research study I recently conducted, there will likely be a slew of new devices taking advantage of the additional power.
1, the latest applications enabled by this new technology, and how PoE Plus products will affect the PoE market.