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We see examples throughout the Hebrew Bible of poetic language, such as the beautiful imagery of creation within Genesis, which gave the Israelites hope during the Babylonian Captivity.
His poetic language will evoke the high country for those intimate with it, "all her alpine beauties, verdant valleys, forests, canyons, lakes, waterfalls, rushing streams, and, as sublime frames for these enchanting tableaux, haughty mountains whose eternal diadems of snow sparkle under the pure and luminous sky of these high elevations." Leclercq's comparison of Yellowstone to Iceland's volcanic geology, a region he also wrote about extensively in his book La Terre de Glace (The Land of Ice) provides a touchstone throughout the narrative.
Along with these dubious distinctions, the book tends to caricature one of the literary methods it proposes, New Critical close reading of poetic language, as calling for only "one best reading" of any poem.
Trudel, Laugt, Magno and Guetemme also refer to the moments of disjuncture which poetic language and photography create within the traditional language of poetry and the common myths surrounding photography, by resorting to careful montage and grafting, where the encounter between two languages leads not to a non-linguistic realm, but to a more literal, more authentic, more "tremble' or vulnerable language.
"The solution was to learn how to speak between the lines, to develop a new poetic language that would speak to people but that would make our intentions clear to the authorities."
While recent media programmes have emphasised this Bible's contribution to English literature through its memorable phrasing and poetic language, the translators went much further.
It is beautifully written in rather poetic language.
Add poetic language and Katherine's evolution from a corporal entity to Charles' companion and you have a fine, riveting read recommended for fantasy and romance enthusiasts alike!
At the same time, she studies elements of fragmentation and discontinuity in his poetic language, articulating these with techniques later developed by contemporary poetry.
The Red Wind is a beautifully written post apocalyptic fantasy narrative with rich vocabulary and rhythmic poetic language. Isobelle Carmody has given readers two protagonists to care about and sets the scene for future travails on their quest.
The author begins with Heidegger's notion of language as the "occurrence" of the disclosure of Being, emphasizing the primacy of disclosure for Heidegger and the generally negative attitude Heidegger has towards the classical understanding of poetic language. The displacements of the mimetic, metaphoric, and written aspects of language open up the realm of pseudos, obscuring the event of Being in Sagen.
Dr Stratford said there had been a "strong plea" from clergy in deprived areas of the Diocese for a shorter prayer in direct but poetic language to allow the Gospel to "resonate better" with people's experience of life.