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The garrisons known in the Balkans are: Poetovio (Ptuj/Slovenia) where Legio XIII was based, Viminacium where Legio VII was based, Oescus (Gigen/Bulgaria) where Legio V was based, Novae where Legio I was based, and Burnum (Kistanje/Croatia) where Legio VI was based (39).
Movements of legionnaires, troops, auxiliary units and civilians from Pannonia across or around the Alps to Poetovio, Emona via north-eastern Italia to Rome [...] required the construction of relatively good roads (see also fig.
Lumsden discusses Latin Christian interpretation of the opening of the seven seals (Revelation 6:1-8) from Victorinus of Poetovio (late third century) through Haimo of Auxerre (ca.
Dulaey, Victorin de Poetovio premier exegete latin, 2 vols.
Students of Victorinus will want to obtain Dulaey's Victorin de Poetovio. Premier exegete latin, t.