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a collection of literary passages or works, esp poems, by various authors



a collection containing verses or various sayings and fragments by many authors. Anthologies have existed in the East and Greece since ancient times. They were widespread in Old Russian literature (izborniki) and in the literature of the end of the 18th and the beginning of the 19th centuries. Anthologies published at the beginning of the 20th century include Russian Muse (1907), by P. Ia. (P. F. Iakubovich), and Armenian Poetry from the Earliest Times to the Present Translated by Russian Poets, edited by V. Ia. Briusov (1916). In Soviet times a number of anthologies have been published containing poetry of the peoples of the USSR in Russian translation.

Anthology verses—a term dating from the first half of the 19th century—are verses written in the manner of ancient poetry. Examples are K. N. Batiushkov’s “To an Aged Beauty,” A. S. Pushkin’s “Nereid,” and later some poems by N. F. Shcherbina and A. N. Maikov.

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The modern poetry anthology, for example--its introductions are both the site of the blandest prose ever written in English, as well as a passionate struggle over the boundaries of an archive.
This schema may have had relevance in Auden's reading of Robert Frost, but subjecting a poetry anthology to this formula hardly does justice to the variety of American poems Ramazani strives to represent.
A former teacher has been invited to submit poems for possible inclusion in a new book after winning a competition to find work for inclusion in the 'National Poetry Anthology 2002'.
His latest poetry anthology, Love Speaks Its Name, features Sappho, Shakespeare, Marlowe, Whitman, Williams, Stein, and many other "queer" writers.
Mann's protagonist Yun Zhu used her monumental poetry anthology to show the success of the Qing court's project to civilize the border regions.
Conductors of Chaos: A Poetry Anthology (edicion de Iain Sinclair, Picador, 1997, 488 pp.
Two new White Pine books that will be of particular interest to readers of Latin American literature are Neruda at Isla Negra, a poetry collection by the Nobel Prize-winning Chilean author, and A World of Voices: Celebrating Diversity, a multiethnic poetry anthology edited by Dennis Maloney.
He is also co-editor, with Yusef Komunyakaa, of The Jazz Poetry Anthology and its companion volume The Second Set.
While serving as chief of the Imperial Documents Division, Tsurayuki took part in the compilation of the first imperial poetry anthology, Kokinshu (905).
He has published poems in many literary magazines, including the Christian Science Monitor, The Southwest Review, American Poetry Anthology, Yale Review, Poetry East/West, The Black Scholar, The Saturday Evening Post, Argosy, New Woman, Writer's Digest, Ebony, Jet, and Caper.
The other two volumes - Julian Palley's poetry anthology, Meditation on the Threshold, and Maureen Ahern's Ravario Castellanos Reader, which contains poem ,is, stories, essays and a three-act play- favor her more conversational, satiric, feminist work from the 1960s and early 1970s, as did Castellanos herself.
Publisher Estlin, Staples & Ernst announced today that poet Den the Pen has released the second edition of his poetry anthology, "Love, the greatest thing.