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a collection of literary passages or works, esp poems, by various authors



a collection containing verses or various sayings and fragments by many authors. Anthologies have existed in the East and Greece since ancient times. They were widespread in Old Russian literature (izborniki) and in the literature of the end of the 18th and the beginning of the 19th centuries. Anthologies published at the beginning of the 20th century include Russian Muse (1907), by P. Ia. (P. F. Iakubovich), and Armenian Poetry from the Earliest Times to the Present Translated by Russian Poets, edited by V. Ia. Briusov (1916). In Soviet times a number of anthologies have been published containing poetry of the peoples of the USSR in Russian translation.

Anthology verses—a term dating from the first half of the 19th century—are verses written in the manner of ancient poetry. Examples are K. N. Batiushkov’s “To an Aged Beauty,” A. S. Pushkin’s “Nereid,” and later some poems by N. F. Shcherbina and A. N. Maikov.

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I often flip through a poetry anthology, stopping at the poem that grabs me, and then reading the collection from the beginning again.
Most students cracking open a poetry anthology for the first time recognize the names of only a few very popular poets--Sylvia Plath, Robert Frost, Langston Hughes.
Amy Bell of Hartburn Court, Acklam, and Audrey Robinson of The Copice, Coulby Newham, are among 250 winners from across the UK whose work has been printed in the National Poetry Anthology. The latest anthology is out now in bookshops.
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His poetry anthology, From a Bend in the River: 100 New Orleans Poets, was published in 1998 by Runagate Multimedia, which he co-founded.
Six Trips In Two Directions is his debut prose poetry anthology and introduces readers to an impressive spectrum of lyrically definitive verse that is as impressive as it is original.
Copies of last wRites will be available in Blackwood shops or by sending a pounds 2.50 cheque or postal order, payable to Cancer Research UK, to Poetry anthology, c/o Greenfield, Park Terrace, Woodfield Side, Blackwood, NP20 OPE.
Highly recommended, this privately published, spiral bound, golf poetry anthology of 900 limericks organized by their state references will prove to be welcome and popular reading for both golfers and their non-golfing companions.
The only reference was in an old war poetry anthology,'' says Bob.
The JMW Publishing Company is sponsoring a free poetry contest with cash rewards and possible publication in their nationally distributed REFLECTIONS poetry anthology series.
The modern poetry anthology, for example--its introductions are both the site of the blandest prose ever written in English, as well as a passionate struggle over the boundaries of an archive.