Poiarkov, Vasilii

Poiarkov, Vasilii Danilovich


Dates of birth and death unknown. Russian zemleprokhodets (explorer).

From 1643 to 1646, Poiarkov led a force of approximately 130 men from Yakutsk along the Lena, Aldan, Uchur, and Gonam rivers. Crossing the water drainage divide, he arrived at the Zeia River and then the Amur River. He set out from the mouth of the Amur and reached the mouth of the Ul’ia River by way of the Sea of Okhotsk. After wintering there, he traveled by skis to the upper reaches of the Maia River and returned to Yakutsk along the rivers of the Lena basin. Poiarkov gathered valuable information on the natural features and population of vast regions of the Far East.