Mount Kenya

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Kenya, Mount,


Mount Kirinyaga,

extinct volcano, central Kenya, just south of the equator. Its highest peak, Batian, reaches 17,058 ft (5,199 m), making Mt. Kenya the highest mountain in Africa after Kilimanjaro. In the heart of Kikuyu country, Mt. Kenya was a focal point during the Mau MauMau Mau
, secret insurgent organization in Kenya, comprising mainly Kikuyu tribespeople. They were bound by oath to force the expulsion of white settlers from Kenya. In 1952 the Mau Mau began reprisals against the Europeans, especially in the "white highlands," claimed as Kikuyu
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 disturbances (1952–56). The Kikuyu, Meru, and Embu people cultivate Mt. Kenya's fertile lower slopes. From 5,000 to 15,000 ft (1,524–4,572 m) are dense woodlands inhabited by elephants, buffalo, and leopards. Snowcapped Mt. Kenya has several glaciers in its uppermost regions. The national park is located there and Mt. Kenya attracts many mountain climbers from around the world.

Kenya, Mount


a volcanic massif in East Africa, below 0° 10’ S lat., the second highest mountain in Africa (Batian Peak, 5,199 m).

Mount Kenya rises in the form of a truncated cone from a lava plateau lying to the east of the East African Rift Zone. From its foothills to an elevation of 1,200 m are found equatorial rain forests; higher (up to 2,000 m), within a moderately hot zone, lie plantations of coffee, sisal, and bananas. Mountain rain forests cover the slopes to 3,000 m, and high-mountain equatorial meadows extend to 4,800 m. Beyond is a zone of permanent snow and ice. Descending along the slopes are 15 glaciers, up to 1.5 km in length. The summit and surrounding areas have been set aside as a national park (Mount Kenya Park).

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Mt Kenya peaks are Batian, Nelion and Point Lenana.
Proper assessmentWhile not all intellectually challenged beings are able to reach Point Lenana, the team plans to have all of them walk at least nine kilometres on the first day to the meteorological station at the base of the mountain.Musa, the man who will be on a wheelchair for the hike, has the most promising health condition among the beneficiaries there according to the L'Arche director.
Leticia, who has been busy fundraising to sponsor a Kenyan child through school, also completed the challenge of climbing to the 4,985-metre summit of Point Lenana on Mount Kenya during her African adventure.
Flt Lt Capps was an experienced mountaineer, having taken part in a expedition in the Indian Himalayas and led a group on an expedition to Mount Kenya and Point Lenana.
The team took five days to reach Point Lenana, the only summit accessible to trekkers, at an impressive height of 4985m, enduring heavy rain, sub-zero temperatures and bouts of altitude sickness.
The next challenging journey sees a team of eight people leaving Muscat next Thursday to attempt to reach the summit of Point Lenana on Mount Kenya.
They are also training for their 16,350ft climb to Point Lenana, one of Mount Kenya's three peaks.
On Saturday (19 July) the twin-engine South African-registered Fairchild turboprop aircraft crashed into Point Lenana, the third-highest peak on Mount Kenya.
The twin-engine Fairchild turboprop was carrying 12 tourists and two South African pilots when it hit Point Lenana, the third-highest peak of Africa's second-highest mountain.
Bongo Woodley,of the Kenya Wildlife Service, said the three-engineMetrolinerploughed into Point Lenana, the third-highest peak on Mount Kenya, the second-highest mountain in Africa,at 6pm on Saturday.
I purchased mountain gear and hired a porter-guide to help me get to Point Lenana, the mountain's third highest peak.