point of origin

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initial point (IP)

i. A well-defined point, easily distinguishable visually and/or electronically, used as a starting point for the run-in to the target.
ii. A point close to the landing area where serials (troop carrier air formations) make final alterations to the course to pass over individual drop or landing zones.
iii. That point from which any survey is initiated. Also called the point of origin.
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Using FRB 150418, Keane and his colleagues were able to locate this missing matter in the region between the signal's point of origin and Earth.
Some countries have been known to send confiscated shipments back to their point of origin, only for counterfeiters to chance their luck with the same cargo again, the anti-counterfeit experts said.
Amanda Havard (author); THE SURVIVORS: POINT OF ORIGIN; Chafie Press (Children's: Young Adult Fiction) 23.99 ISBN: 9780983319047
* Cut back suckers of rhododendrons at their point of origin.
Shukri noted that his Ministry "had signed contracts with a French and a Swiss companies, to check on the goods coming from an outside point of origin."
Incidentally, while Americans talk about going 'downtown', in Great Britain, one goes 'uptown', and one also goes 'up' to London, whether it be north, south, east or west of one's point of origin.
The rest used the airport because the UAE was their point of origin or final destination, for residents, tourists or visiting corporate executives.
to its point of origin. As Pound showed us via Fenellosa in "From The Chinese Written Character as a Medium for Poetry," our decision to separate noun and verb functions is arbitrary, and based on a desire to simplify reality, as opposed to letting reality show its varied, multiple self: "A true noun, an isolated thing, does not exist in nature.
The earthquake's epicenter (point of origin) was just 16 kilometers (10 miles) from Haiti's capital, Port-au-Prince.
Kofax Front Office Server 2.7 enables forms and documents to be captured at their point of origin in front office environments via multi-function peripherals (MFPs), desktop scanners and fax machines.
In order to connect from point of origin other than PIA sector, interlining / trucking charges will be borne by the shipper (consignor).
"Looking at the supply chain from point of origin to point of destination is key - synergizing all the elements to make it smoother, cheaper and more environmentally friendly."