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To that end, the survey party made observations from Point Pelee on the Canadian side of Lake Erie.
John Sandlos' review of the 1922 Chippewa occupation of Point Pelee National Park highlights how federal officials used internal divisions within the Indigenous community to dismiss the territorial claims underlying the occupation.
Point Pelee Park on the north shore of Lake Ontario is a great spot for a diver and puddle duck mix.
And he'll continue on a southerly (sometimes southeasterly) route until he reaches Point Pelee in Ontario, the southernmost point of mainland Canada.
The afternoon was spent at Point Pelee National Park, the sixth such park in Canada, and the first to be saved for its natural and geological significance rather than for its recreational purposes.
A) In Southern Ontario, these dates are 1976 for Long Point (Watson and Anderson 1976), 1996 for Point Pelee (Lindsay et al.
Geochemistry of a septic system plume in a coastal barrier bar, Point Pelee, Ontario, Canada.
Phase Wilson Farm (Rd 2 354284 4657016 Caistor Sand--Spot West) Phase Point Pelee Dr.
It is now part of Point Pelee National Park and is managed as a Zone 1 Special Protection Area.
Here, and on Point Pelee National Park, you'll find an internationally renowned habitat for thousands of unique species of wildlife - it's birdwatchers' paradise