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Our aim is to find the solution of the Dirichlet boundary value problem for the Poisson equation through the Poisson integral formula.
Note that X(x) is the Poisson integral of u(y')[[chi].
Talvila: Sharp growth estimates for modified Poisson integrals in a half space, Potential Analysis.
3] is constructed using the classical method of images and expressed in terms of eigenvalues associated with the surface, leading to an analogue of the Poisson integral as a solution to the Neumann problem for the sphere.
Boundary properties and applications of the differentiated Poisson integral for different domains.
t]([OMEGA]),[psi]([OMEGA],[OMEGA]'),R] is the Poisson integral kernel.
While intended for relative novices in the field, the author notes that readers should be acquainted with basic and complex analysis and the theory of the Poisson integral in the unit disk.