Polanica Zdrój

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Polanica Zdrój


a balneological and health resort in Poland, located in the northern foothills of the Sudetes. Polanica Zdrój is 30 km west of Lądek, in the Bystrzyca River valley. The winters are warm (mean January temperature –2° C) and the summers are not very hot (mean July temperature 17° to 19° C). Annual precipitation is approximately 500 mm. The bicarbonate calcium-sodium-magnesium mineral springs at Polanica Zdrój are used therapeutically for bathing, drinking, irrigation, and inhalation. The chemical composition of the water from the principal springs, Wielka Pieniawa, is

The spring waters Wielka Pieniawa and Józef are bottled for use in various treatments, and the water Staropolanka is bottled for drinking. There are facilities for climatotherapy and peat and mud treatments.

Polanica Zdrój specializes in the treatment of diseases of the cardiovascular system, functional disorders of the nervous system, diseases of the digestive organs, and metabolic disorders. There are sanatoriums, guesthouses, balneological and mud-therapy facilities and a mineral water bar. It has a clinical scientific research center of the Warsaw Academy of Medicine.

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Poland Panorama - a seven-day break travelling by luxury coach and staying in the spa town of Polanica Zdroj costs from pounds 215pp, including two excursions.