Polar Body

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polar body

[′pō·lər ‚bäd·ē]
(cell and molecular biology)
One of the small bodies cast off by the oocyte during maturation.
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Polar Body


(also polocyte), in animals, a formation containing nuclear material and a small amount of cytoplasm. The polar bodies separate from the oocyte in the first and second meiotic divisions and subsequently degenerate.

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The results for the Grade A oocytes showed that cumulus expansion rate, first polar body formation and the proportion of oocytes reaching the M II stage were similar between the tested two maturation temperatures (36.5[degrees]C or 38.5[degrees]C).
(2003, 2004, 2005) showed the process of polar body formation in the surfclam Spisula sollidissima, using confocal microscopy.
So, after retrieving several eggs from the woman's ovary, Verlinsky and his co-workers carefully removed each egg's polar body and performed sensitive genetic tests on these.
Delayed meiosis and polar body release in eggs of triploid Pacific oysters, Crassostrea gigas.
Following activation, the reconstructed embryos were cultured in bicarbonate-buffered PZMax containing 0.4 mg/mL BSA and 7.5 [micro]g/mL CB for 3 h to suppress extrusion of the pseudo-second polar body. Following culture, the reconstructed embryos were further cultured in in vitro culture medium (PZMax medium supplemented with 0.4 mg/mL BSA) with or without various concentration of ascorbic acid for 24 h, and then transferred to fresh IVC medium.
Polar body (PB) formation is common to all sexually reproducing animals, but many details of this critical process and its products remain to be elucidated.
The main target of chromosome manipulation in these studies was inhibition of polar body (PB) formation or first cleavage division.
Rates of GV breakdown (GVBD) and polar body extrusion were monitored.
246) * HONORABLE MENTION Rafal Pielak with Valeriya Gaysinskaya and William Cohen Cytoskeletal events preceding polar body formation in activated Spisula eggs (p.
The stage of meiotic maturation was determined by examination of the presence or absence of the first polar body (metaphase II) under UV light.
After the 1st and 2nd polar body (PB) expulsions, fertilized oocytes were incubated at 28[degrees]C (Chao et al.