polar regions

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polar regions:

see AntarcticaAntarctica
, the fifth largest continent, c.5,500,000 sq mi (14,245,000 sq km), asymmetrically centered on the South Pole and almost entirely within the Antarctic Circle. Geology and Geography

Antarctica consists of two major regions: W Antarctica (c.
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; Arctic, theArctic, the
northernmost area of the earth, centered on the North Pole. The arctic regions are not coextensive with the area enclosed by the Arctic Circle (lat. 66°30'N) but are usually defined by the irregular and shifting 50°F; (10°C;) July isotherm that closely
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polar regions

[′pō·lər ‚rē·jənz]
The regions near the geographic poles; no definite limit for these regions is recognized.
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China's interests in the regions are their immense economic, political and military-strategic potential, and Beijing's desire to ascend to super-power status, with access to the polar regions viewed as essential towards this end.
This paper presents the argument that existing polar prediction systems do not yet meet users' needs and outlines possible ways forward in advancing prediction capacity in polar regions and beyond.
Ben will be a celebrity judge to pick the winner, who will receive a holiday package for four to the polar regions of Finland.
"Quantifying past temperatures helps us understand the sensitivity of the climate system to greenhouse gases, and especially the amplification of global warming in polar regions," Affek said.
Some subjects examined include marine protected areas in the Arctic and the Southern Ocean, environmental assessments in the marine areas of the polar regions, Arctic and Antarctic fisheries management, and international regulation of polar shipping.
Both of these mechanisms are important for transportation of subantarctic/Antarctic plankton and benthos (including larvae of benthic or epipelagic organisms) along the southern polar region. If vicariance, historical and ecological barriers may have involved continental drift and climatic changes over time.
Nadeem Amjad, Member (NRD) PARC in his welcome address said that the HKH region, containing the largest repositories, of inland cryosphere outside Polar Region, is the source of fresh water, for about 200 million mountain people, and over 1.3 billion people living in downstream floodplains including the Indus plain.
Al Bashir said a few years ago some Saudi Arabian scholars had helped Muslims living in polar regions.
Explaining India's interest behind buying the ship, Nayak said: "This signifies that we are serious about studying changes in climate change happening in the polar regions. Right now for experiments, we hire or charter the ships from private parties in Russia and Norway for short durations."
Frozen Planet explores the heights and depths of the Polar Regions, taking viewers into the far reaches of the land and deep below the stunning ice caps to tell the story of the struggle for survival that polar animals face every day.
ISTANBUL, Jan 28, 2011 (TUR) -- After years long debates on how prayer times would be determined in regions where there is no sunrise and sunset, the Chairman of Suleymaniye Foundation's Religious and Disposition Researches Center, Abdulaziz Bayindir, said Friday that prayer times in polar regions were determined in the same way they were determined in Turkey.