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A device which produces polarized light, such as a Nicol prism or Polaroid sheet.
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a device for obtaining completely or partially polarized light from light with arbitrary polarization characteristics. It is the simplest polarizing device and one of the main elements in more complex devices. Linear polarizers, which produce plane-polarized light, take the form of optically anisotropic polarizing prisms, polarizing sheets, and optical piles of isotropic plates transparent in a given region of the spectrum. A combination of a linear polarizer with quarter-wave plates is used to obtain circularly polarized light. Any polarizer can also be used as an analyzer of polarized radiation.


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"The move is to have an integrated polarizer production system targeting display companies in southern China," the official from the company said.
where P([theta]) is the Muller matrix of polarizer; [theta] is the direction of the transmit axis and the subscript numbers of [theta] are the polarizer and analyzer, respectively; D(d) is the Muller matrix of the depolarizer (including the polarizer and color filter); d is the degree of depolarization.
This paper mainly focuses on the design principle, measurement, and contrast method towards the dual-channel 3D QON system between FSS and polarizer. This dual-layer mirror structure can transmit 324 GHz channel on the top layer and reflect the 183 GHz to the bottom layer.
For the polarizer is an orthotropic structure, the reflected and transmitted waves would consist of both x- and y-polarized components.
Caption: Figure 7: Acetone fluorescence spectra for different positions of polarizer.
of understanding (MOU), Samsung SDI plans to invest around KRW200bn to build polarizer production in the Wuxi Industrial District with the annual capacity of 30 to 40 million square metres.
1) consists in two identical polarizers (P1 and P2) having the cell (C) containing the HPC polymer solution (as an optical active layer) between them, in the measure beam, as well as two identical polarizers placed in the compensatory beam (P3 and P4).
"Conventional polarizers operate by rejecting undesired polarization, which limits their transmission efficiency to much less than 50 percent when illuminated by unpolarized light," the researchers wrote.
The report “Polyvinyl Alcohol (PVA) Films Market Analysis By Water Soluble Applications (Detergent Packaging, Agrochemical Packaging, Laundry Bags, Embroidery), Polarizer Application (LCD Panels) And Segment Forecasts To 2020,” is available now to Grand View Research customers and can also be purchased directly at http://www.grandviewresearch.com/industry-analysis/polyvinyl-alcohol-films-industry
Among the topics are synthesizing cyclotriphosphazene containing an aminopropylsilicone functional group as a flame retardant, the design and analysis of an optical-communication-band sub-wavelength grating polarizer, the synthesis and electrochromic properties of crystalline three-dimensional urchin-like nanostructures, calculating the beating-up force for three-dimensional weaving, the aging process of vegetable insulating oil, an algorithm for extracting visual features from images of the surface of Mars, and self-learning by robots and the model of a Hamiltonian path with a fixed number of color repetitions for systems of scenarios creation.
COSMOSHINE (SRF type) is a new kind of film made possible by a contrarian concept that overthrows existing common knowledge that held that materials, other than polarizer materials used thus far in LCDs, must be isotropic.
Ultimately, by using an appropriate arrangement of materials in layers, we can approach our desire to make low-pass & polarizer filters [13-15].