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see Land, Edwin HLand, Edwin Herbert,
1909–91, American inventor and photographic pioneer. While at Harvard, Land became interested in the properties and manipulation of polarized light.
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1. a type of plastic sheet that can polarize a transmitted beam of normal light because it is composed of long parallel molecules. It only transmits plane-polarized light if these molecules are parallel to the plane of polarization and, since reflected light is partly polarized, it is often used in sunglasses to eliminate glare
2. Polaroid Land Camera any of several types of camera yielding a finished print by means of a special developing and processing technique that occurs inside the camera and takes only a few seconds to complete
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instant camera

A camera that takes and prints the photograph in one self-contained unit. For many decades, instant camera was synonymous with the Polaroid brand. For a while, Kodak offered an instant camera but was forced to stop production after Polaroid filed a patent infringement lawsuit. In the early 1980s, Fujifilm entered the instant camera market and has continued to offer products ever since.

How It Works
When a picture is taken, cyan, magenta and yellow color layers in the film are exposed to light. When it is pulled out of the camera, rollers squeeze a chemical strip at the edge of the film over the surface, which reacts with chemicals in the film to cause it to develop.

The First Polaroid
Invented in 1947 by Edwin Land, the Land Camera made its debut in 1948. (Image courtesy of PLR Ecommerce, LLC, www.polaroid.com)

Polaroid ZINK Camera
Starting in 2008, Polaroid cameras switched to the ZINK film technology. This camera prints 2x3" photos. See ZINK. (Image courtesy of PLR Ecommerce, LLC, www.polaroid.com)
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These are the product of that beautiful accident that happens with Polaroid film from time to time, when it doesn't develop fully and you get half formed imagery that tends to be more interesting than what you were initially aiming to shoot.
"I grew up obsessed by Polaroids - with the beauty and simplicity, the accidental moment caught, the initial vivid colour and the eventual sad fade.
And if there's a snap on your smartphone that you'd like to print, you can easily connect your phone to the printer via the Polaroid POP app.
Phillips), and Zach (Ross Butler), seemed to have been receiving polaroids and notes from an unknown person.
Always at the forefront of innovation, Polaroid's collections are the result of constant stylistic research, which, for this spring/summer season, translates into the new 2.0 polarized lens.
The new Moto Mod prints the images in a small 2 x 3-inch paper created by Polaroid that's called ZINK (Zero-INK) Paper.
A typical film consists of many superimposed layers; for example, Polaroid Type 600 High Speed Color Land film has 17 separate layers (7) but the diagnostic devices would contain far fewer layers.
The Polaroid Swing app is the result of a partnership between the Polaroid brand and a Silicon Valley tech startup chaired by Twitter co-founder Biz Stone.
She died shortly after I had taken a Polaroid of her, and I always kept that photo by my bed.
He added that the company is currently preparing to launch its newest product in the Egyptian market, a small 3X4 photo printer that can be linked to all smart phones in addition to the Polaroid smart camera.
FACT The first Polaroid Instant Camera was released in 1948 and cost $89.95--equivalent to about $876 in 2015 dollars.