a wooded sandy lowland typical of regions where ancient alluvial and water sands of the marginal belt of the Pleistocene continental glaciation extend within the southern taiga and the mixed and broad-leaved forests of Europe. The sands filled flat depressions in the surface that generally corresponded to tectonic basins. Appreciable and excess atmospheric moisture and poor surface drainage led to the formation of large swampy areas overgrown by pine, alder, birch, and poplar. (Although the rivers form a dense network, their channels are weakly cut.) Poles’ia are typical of the Poles’e Lowland, the Meshchera Lowland, the Vetluga River basin, and the eastern regions of Poland (in the Wieprz and Bug river basins). Similar landscapes are found in southern Canada and the northern parts of the United States.

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Alexandra Frangos and Sam Polese of Thor Equities represented the landlord.
JC Polese, I Faria-Fortini, ML Basilio e GS Faria worked on the research, methodology, conception and on the final writing.
In "Why some regions will decline: A Canadian case study with thoughts on local development strategies," Polese and Shearmur argue that regions like Northern Ontario are doomed to decline.
Coordinating all those people is complicated, says Polese.
The group includes Rempel (guitars), Gus Russell (keys), John Polese (trumpet), Scott Mitchell (alto sax), Rick Carter (bass), Bruce Cole (drums) and Lorin Hawley (congas).
The story D'Amico tells is a complex and often amusing one, for the father-son team behind the campaign, Icilio and Enrico Polese Santarnecci, were "two of the most powerful, hated, and feared individuals in the Italian theatre community," whose business ethics, taste, and talent were continuously called into question (3).
The first day's speaker was Luigi Gentile Polese from the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, who discussed managing the energy used by buildings--of the approximately 98 quadrillion BTU annually used in the United States, about 40% goes to buildings.
The final article is by one of Canada's leading regional scientists, Professor Mario Polese.
William Polese, Managing Director, Lux Research Asia Pacific Pte.
Finally, Shearmur and Polese (2004a, 2007) have shown that population increases in Canada--which, owing to the low birth rates during the period of study, are essentially attributable to population mobility--are strongly influenced by geo-structural factors.
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It's not for nothing that she doesn't want her books translated into Italian," wrote prominent Italian reviewer Ranieri Polese.