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see PolarisPolaris
or North Star,
star nearest the north celestial pole (see equatorial coordinate system). It is in the constellation Ursa Minor (see Ursa Major and Ursa Minor; Bayer designation Alpha Ursae Minoris) and marks the end of the handle of the Little Dipper.
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p e is a saloon version of there lestar but Volvo UK at they don't here will r it the Polestar say that think there demand for it's not r it be a demand for here, so it's not coming.
Polestar has fitted springs that are 80% stiffer than standard.
Like AMG is to Mercedes and Alpina to BMW, Polestar is Volvo's official performance partner and has been since 2009 yet this is its first venture into production cars.
As Myanmar Polestar takes the lead in a child protection focus responsible tourism, The Code hope to reach out to other tourism business in Myanmar in the near future.
If the Polestar makes it here, the dimensions of what Volvo can do in these markets change dramatically," said Karaer.
The Polestar S60 feels hefty over the front wheels--it's a transversely mounted engine and transaxle, and you can't get away from that--but those big tires and the stiff front end attack apexes like the business end of a great white going after a fast-moving lunch.
Robert Dahlgren, who has raced for Volvo and Polestar since 2004, has already figured out who will win the series.
Polestar offers career transition opportunities for dancers.
Creditors including Deutsche Bank, JP Morgan and Royal Bank of Scotland will write off two-thirds of the debt they hold in exchange for a 100 per cent stake in Polestar.
Finland); Polestar Group (United Kingdom); the Thales Group SA (France), and TietoEnator Plc.
LONDON, July 14 /PRNewswire/ -- Amicus has reached an agreement for the closure of the magazine printer Polestar Purnells at Paulton, near Bristol, following three weeks of negotiations.