lowland: see PripyatPripyat
or Pripet
, Pol. Prypeć, river, c.440 mi (710 km) long, rising NW of Kovel, NW Ukraine, near the Polish border, and flowing generally E through the Pripyat Marshes, S Belarus, into the Dnieper River in NE Ukraine.
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4 million tons, in Lesostep almost 2 million tons, and in Polesye almost 0.
The captain of the Polesye 8 was arrested, said police, noting his blood-alcohol limit exceeded allowable levels.
Though, by the beginning of the Holocene most of the water reservoirs of the Polesye area were drained by the rivers, and on these sites peat bogs were developing.
Aeolian dune-hummocky relief was formed on sandy lowlands, especially in Polesye, and allochthonous clastogenic material accumulated in primary lake reservoirs (Velichkevich et al.
Bobrovichskoe (52[degrees]37'N, 25[degrees]47'E) is a eutrophic lake, which lies within the lake-alluvial lowland of the Polesye district and belongs to the Nieman River basin (Fig.
Oltushskoe (51[degrees]41'N, 23[degrees]57'E) is a eutrophic lake, situated within the fluvioglacial plain of the Polesye district and belonging to the Western Bug River basin (Fig.
The process of carbonate accumulation within the Poozerye, Central, and Polesye districts of Belarus during the last glacial time was of variable intensity, which should not be associated with climatic reasons only.
The beginning of the Holocene is marked by further stabilization or lowering of the water level in lakes of the Poozerye (Lozoviki and Krivoe) and Polesye (Oltushskoe) districts.
Study of the moose population structure in Pripyat Polesye.
Moose influence on brush and woodland vegetation in Byelorussian Polesye.
Alexander Lukashenko added that he had recently seen a new Polesye harvester.
The participants of the meeting also discussed the revival of Polesye where the chairman of the board of the Development Bank was born.