Political Bloc

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Political Bloc


permanent or temporary agreement (alliance) concluded by states, parties, or groups in order to achieve common political goals through joint actions. Political blocs may appear in various forms; they may include a collective appeal to the population by the groups forming the bloc, nomination of the same candidates in elections, elaboration of a single political platform, the creation of a coalition government, united militant actions in class battles, and joint armed struggle against a common enemy.

Political blocs between Communist parties and other parties are permissible only with a view to defending the rights of working people; it is obligatory that complete ideological, political, and organizational independence be maintained and that fidelity to the fundamental class principles be observed (for example, the temporary political bloc formed by the Bolsheviks and left Socialist Revolutionaries in late 1917 to early 1918). In the election of deputies to the Soviets in the USSR, the CPSU acts in a political bloc with non-Party members.

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It is shocking that PAS has now proposed a new political bloc to form a 'unity government' when it still propagates fear, hatred and disunity among Malaysians, Lim Kit Siang said today.
It appears that Besa will not be the only party to be added to the Albanian political bloc. The Kanal 5 television channel has reported that the preparations for establishing a new party to be named Conservative and Progressive Party are underway.
BAGHDAD/ Aswat al-Iraq: Head of Wataniya political bloc Iyad Alawi stated that "foreign and regional hegemony control the political decision in Iraq".
For a sum between $100-$200 (Dh367-Dh734) a voter is required to repeat an oath not to give his vote to any other political bloc. The oath is binding, but those who pay out bribes should know that those who receive it may not be as honest as deemed.
Aleksandra Mitevska writes in Monday's edition of Utrinski Vesnik that the Macedonian political bloc is stable and that the big parties SDSM and VMRO-DPMNE successfully control their portions of the political space.
BAGHDAD / Aswat al-Iraq: Al-Ahrar political bloc today called for participation in the demonstration to show solidarity with the people of Bahrain scheduled to be held in Basra 19 March.
He explained that the special grades distributed among the political blocs where a list reached from the government to the House of Representatives distributed and divided on most of the political blocs declared their illegal right to degrees and special agents and their sticking to the names.
BAGHDAD, June 12 (KUNA) -- Saeroon list leader Moqtada Al-Sadr and Al-Fatih list's head Hadi Al-Amiri, who won first and second places respectively in Iraq's May parliamentary election, announced at City of Najaf on Tuesday an alliance between their political blocs. The announcement came at a joint press conference by the two leaders in Najaf city and covered by state television.
Following the hour long meeting, Kanaan told the press that although the agreement might seem Christian-Christian on the surface, it applied to all of Lebanon and should encompass all political blocs. "We call upon Saad Hariri and all concerned political blocs to rally around this agreement...in order to reach consensus over national constants that we all want," noted Kanaan.
Shiite Cleric Moqtada al Sadr expressed his willingness to solve the political disputes between the Iraqi political blocs warning that it was possible that "political disputes and conflicts among the political blocs could lead to a huge disaster with negative repercussions" and even a humanitarian catastrophe, especially in regards to the dispute over the National Council for Strategic Policies, the pan-Arab daily ASHARQ AL AWSAT reported on Monday.
Leaders of Iraq's major political blocs meet for the first time since March elections in a new push to break the eight-month deadlock over forming a new government.
BAGHDAD / NINA /-The parliamentary bloc of Saairun Coalition confirmed the continuation of the differences between the political blocs on the vacant ministries, and it is likely to postpone the file to the next legislative term.

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