Political Map

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Political Map


a map that represents the political subdivisions of the world, of continents, or of major geographic regions. Political maps are divided into general, or survey, maps and specialized maps. General political maps show the political divisions of the area being mapped, that is, the location of countries and the area they occupy. They also show major political centers, strategic points, and lines of communication of international and national significance. Specialized political maps treat specific political problems and political events. General political maps are most common.

In the USSR, political maps of the world at scales of 1:15,000,000, 1:30,000,000, and 1:50,000,000 are published systematically, as are political maps of the continents and groups of countries at scales from 1:5,000,000 to 1:12,500,000. World political atlases are also published, including pocket atlases, small atlases with indexes of geographic names, and book-format atlases, with indexes of geographic names.


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The newspapers said that political societies that were in the habit of instigating violence and terrorism under the guise of peaceful demonstrations will no longer have any place in the Kingdom's political map as they must be dissolved.
The minister, who is also Government's Spokesman, said that Jordan's efforts spearheaded by His Majesty King Abdullah II in defending just Arab causes and striving for regional and international peace, put Jordan's on the world's political map.
From coloring a political map to considering borders and elections, this explains how political maps are formed and how they can be interpreted.
These elections are a big step forward for the democratic experience in Kurdistan and will lead to a fundamental and necessary change in the political map in the region," said Abdul-Razzaq Ali, a spokesman for Kurdish Democratic Party (KDP), one of Kurdistan's major parties.
When Quinn was called to speak at the iftar, she said, "The Muslim community is on the political map of New York.
Moreover, that a senior labour member has stated that "if people do not like the new, political map of Middlesbrough then that is tough" merely serves to add insult to injury and verify the fears of opposition councillors that there is serious gerrymandering going on.
He said people would only vote for a sincere and honest leadership, during forthcoming general elections, based on their past performance, while the corrupt gang would be eliminated from the political map, forever.
DAVID Cameron and Lib Dem deputy Nick Clegg are wasting almost pounds 12million on a redraw of the political map which will never happen.
The place where the correction of the political map is believed to be made is the triangle Kosovo, Albania, Western Macedonia.
CDATA[ Noam Shalit has reinforced the inner instinct I felt, that had Noam Shalit been associated with the right side of the political map, those that believe in Eretz Yisrael, his campaign to release Gilad would have been ignored by the major media.
A BODY campaigning for fair elections claimed yesterday that a proposed new political map for Wales "flies in the face of common sense".
In related news, a group of Israeli governmental coalition members attacked PM Benjamin Netanyahu and claimed that he was going to make Israel disappear from the political map of the Middle East.